Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shoe Addicts Anonymous week 3

As always click the link to the left to head on over to Queen of The Bookcase. It would be so much fun if more people joined the club! We are going to be picking a new books soon so you can start with us then!

Week 3 Prompt: Do you have a silly habit of buying a certain item? Write about it, and let us know which character you think would share your habit. And as always write about how you are feeling about the book.

I'm really bad at buying books and used to be bad about buying purses (that has calmed down a little). But I'm really bad with books. I dream of one day owning a house where I can have a small library. And like I tell my husband, I can't have a library if I don't have the books! I could see Joss having a lot of books. Mostly to distract her from her job.

I'm not really loving the book. It's alright, but it lacks. I find most of the girls to be doormats and I hate that! Come on ladies, grow a pair already!! It's strange that we are over half into the book and I STILL have no idea where the story is going. I have a feeling that it's going to go and then, bam, right at the end everything gets resolved in a crazy way. H will leave her husband, J will quit her job, L will get some amazing job that makes her tons of money and S will fall madly in love with the dude that calls her just to talk.

Decent weekend read. But I don't think it's one I will read again.


anonymous prep said...

I completely agree with you - this is not a book I'm going to be reading again.

Anonymous said...

At least you can justify your book habit :) A personal library would be really neat! I agree about the doormats. I don't think I would read it again either!