Bucket List

This is my bucket list that I've had for a few years now. I haven't looked at it since last deployment so I was happy that I got to make a few more things off today! I also added a new list for things to do for this deployment.

1. Go to NYC

2. Touch the statue of liberty

3. Dance again

4. See a musical on Broadway

5. Go to Scotland

6. Travel overseas

7. Go on a cruise

8. Be %100 happy with EVERYTHING! (hit or miss since I'm definitely not happy when J is gone)

9. Buy a house!

10. Go to Paris

11. Live overseas

12. See Landon off to school

13. Fly first class

14. Build our dream house

15. Go to the Macy's Day Parade in NYC!

16. Go to an eagles game

17. Take the boys to the Superbowl

18. Get baptised

19. See 3 oceans

20. Feel better about driving

21. Get my own car that's not Justin's

22.Go to Washington DC

23. See Niagara Falls

24. Ride in a hot air balloon

25. Go to Yellow Stone park

26. Ice Skate in Central Park

27. Swim with Dolphins

28. Go snorkeling

29. Kiss in Times square

30. See Mt Rushmore

For this Deployment

  1. Learn a new hobby
  2. Workout every morning
  3. Get the house done!
  4. Make Landon a quilt
  5. Decorate with things I made!
  6. Learn another language
  7. Train the puppy!!!!!
  8. Do a project a week(even if it's small!)
  9. Make new friends to add to the old
  10. Help out in Landon's new classroom!