Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goose Egg

Landon bumped his head at school on Friday. Long story short...I wasn't contacted and I was VERY angry. They called the house phone but nothing else. After leaving a voice mail and writing an e-mail to the nurse they now know what numbers to call and I was told that it would never happen again..
Anyway. We kept ice on it all weekend since Monday was picture day and I didn't want him all bruised up. Lol. Thank goodness it came down and you couldn't really see it.
Right after he got home with an icepack on his head.
The bump. I guess he was turning around while running and smacked right into a pole, I was proud to hear that he didn't cry at all, the teacher happened to see it and made him go to the nurses office.
Picture Day! All better!
He cracks me up!


~His~ said...

he looks pretty happy for a kid that has a huge bump on his forehead!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Haha! The last picture cracked me up.

Anonymous said...

roan has this 18 wheeler truck that he likes to ride on. and he went zooming from his room into our room, but hit the door frame instead. i heard him hit, and he fussed a little but didn't really cry. but by the time i turned around his head had a HUGE knot on it, and bruised up immediately. i think he popped a blood vessel underneath the skin. it was so nasty looking.

and then last night (i'm still snickering at this one) he was running around crazy and screaming while i vacuumed. and literally ran straight into the radiator. lol he fell to floor looking flabbergasted, then whimpered all embarrassed like. lol no bumps thankfully.

Anonymous said...

I miss him so much. He is so darn cute. I am glad the bump went away I cant wait for pictures.

Grandma Tina