Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Food Quest: AZU Restaurant and Bar

Mandy took me out to this restaurant for our first girls night. I have to say that it's not child friendly (I would say maybe 10-12 and up would be fine....but not geared towards kids at all). Its a great date place. lol. Dim lighting and tables for two (that can be pushed together for larger parties). The food was so amazing I think about it often. They call their menu eclectic American, and I think it's a great choice of words. They do have a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu though we only went for dinner.
What we ordered:
Shared- Field Greens salad. Apples, gorgonzola, walnuts, oranges, sun dried cranberries & balsamic dressing(I was surprised how well this tasted. Mandy ordered all the food that night since she had been there before and I hadn't). Chicken & Beef Satay. Chili glazed with peanut sauce and ginger dressing (This is the dish I think about often. It was the most amazing thing I have ever eaten.....no joke).
M & K- Lobster Mac & Cheese (Wow. Sounds not so good, but I swear it was amazing!)
We will be going back within the next few months and I will try to get picture then and update this!
Amazing food
Great date place
Good atmosphere
Good food selection
Decent amount of seating (but could have a wait time)
Not child friendly
Pricey(but worth it)
Some(read: one chick) of the staff wasn't the most friendly


tina said...

That's one of my favorite salads. I can't eat a salad without cranberries anymore. I am enjoying your food and park quests very much.