Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Food Quest: Thai Sawasdee

I've never had Thai food so I was really excited when someone told Mandy & I that we needed to put it on our quest. The decor was nice and modern and a little romantic....but it smelled. BAD. We decided it smelled like an old folks home that had cats. Thank goodness you can get it to go.
Thai Sawasdee
What we ordered:
Shared- Summer Roll (2). Fresh soft rice skin wrapped in shrimp, minced chicken, noodles and vegetable served with clear peanut sauce (so I said I would try new things on this quest. I've never had shrimp before, and I'm glad I started with this since I couldn't really get the texture. This was alright. The rice skin was too think and made me gag a few times and the "peanut sauce" was mostly just vinegar with peanuts floating on the top)
K- Satay (Chicken or Beef) (6). Grilled marinated your choice of meat on a skewer served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad (the "cucumber salad" was a joke. It was some salad floating in vinegar) But the chicken was good and the peanut sauce was decent (AZU's was way better if you ask us).
M- She got some soup (no idea what it's called since they just brought it) the soup was bad. It was cabbage flavored water. We each tried it and then it sat on the table. Red Curry. Red curry paste with coconut milk, bamboo shoots, bell pepper, snow pea, basil and your choice of meat (she got chicken). This was soooo good. I think this dish made the whole thing worth while. I will for sure be getting this next time I order from there. The coconut milk makes it amazing.
Nice atmosphere
Good prices
Good amount of food
They do orders to go
Child friendly(no children's menu)
Smelled of a strange kind of funk
Not the best food (hit or miss)
Did I mention the smell?


Anonymous said...

I've never had Thai food either. Not sure I want to try it .... what if all Thai restaurants smell like an old folks home with cats??? ha ha That line killed me!

Amanda Brandeburg said...

Not all do... just this one... but I will let everyone know the next time I go into a smelly Thai restraunt!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sad that your first thai experience wasn't very good. Thai in Washington is almost always rockin so you should try it when you come home. Jasmines in town is awesome :) Don't give up on it yet! I never wanted to try it but I did and now it's my favorite cuisine!