Saturday, December 1, 2012

Deployment Weekly Recap: Week 10!

Emotional: GREAT! It's December!!!!

Physical: Good!

Communication: A email. I don't mind though. I know hes busy and so am I!

What's something fun you did this week: Steph and I went to the movies! It was so much fun. 

 What are you looking forward to next week: I have no idea! I'm just trying to get the house all ready for Christmas and our visitors!

What made you happy this week: A good friend told me shes pregnant! They've been trying for a little while and she had been so disappointed.  I feel so blessed that I was with her when she found out!
What made you sad/mad this week: Judgemental people and jealousy. I don't understand why people live their lives with such DARK feelings ruling them. Then they try to pull other people down with them!
What do you miss this week: Someone to laugh with.
How's Landon this week: He's had a rough week. I think the cold weather and not getting to play outside as much is getting to him.
Favorite song/show/movie of the moment: Glee!!! Buying all three season on DVD was one of the best things I've done. Haha.
Pictures from this week:

Landon found my OLD camera and on it were pictures I don't remember having! This one was when landon was only 1! Seems like forever ago!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Deployment Weekly Recap: Week 9!

Emotional: I'm doing good! It's almost December!!!!

Physical: Doing good! My only problem is I've been having a hard time falling asleep at night.

Communication: A few great emails and a surprise one on Thanksgiving!

What's something fun you did this week: The FRG has been doing some great events and it's been so nice to get out and do fun things with great people!

What are you looking forward to next week: The movies with Steph!!!!
What made you happy this week: Setting up the tree with Little on Thanksgiving night. We always set it up in the dark(with the lights of the tree on), drink cocoa and listen to Christmas music! It was really amazing spending that time with him in our first home.

What made you sad/mad this week: Charlee got out and long story short, the people a few houses over aren't high on my list. They were nice enough but the teenage boy was not too pleasant. He's one of those know it all kids and was going on and on about what I should do. Then they informed me that they fed her! She had only been gone for 30 minutes! She wasn't starving and now, she is going to get sick(which happenes when you feed a dog food their stomaches aren't used to!). It was a major hassle!

What do you miss this week: J's help when something goes wrong. It's nice to have a back up and someone to help.

How's Landon this week: He's had a few whiny moments and some REALLY amazing ones. I'm so happy that hes doing so well this deployment(I really think our count down helps a lot!)

Favorite song/show/movie of the moment: Anything Christmas!

Pictures from this week:

Little told me he wanted to get pictures with Santa this year. He was so cute and I even overheard him tell Santa that if he can't bring him anything, It's ok, that he just really wants him to bring his mom a nice surprise. He's so sweet.

J sent me a new house for my Mickey Village!(the yellow one!). I'm so excited to really start collecting them!

I got the digital download of Little's school pictures yesterday! I love them! I was worried this year because they have to wear uniforms to school. But, I think they turned out adorable!

Me & Little at Clyde's Cider Mill with some of the ladies from the boat. We had a great time!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Deployment Weekly Recap: Week 8!

Emotional: I'm doing good still! Getting ready for the holidays and visitors keeps me busy and happy!

Physical: Vitamins are helping me not be so sleepy!

Communication: The last of phone calls early in the week(last weekend)

What's something fun you did this week: The sister missionaries came over and helped me paint my bedroom! I HATED it. It was the only paint in the house that I couldn't stand which made me not like my room. We also painted or old headboard and my night stand!
What are you looking forward to next week: Thanksgiving dinner with Jenny and the kids! Also, having a few days of with Landon!
What made you happy this week: Landon being such a big helper and doing things before hes even asked. We've gotten a few more rooms done and it feels great having the house come together!

What made you sad/mad this week: Stephanies baby sitter got sick so we couldn't go to our movie date. Super bummed! But we will do it another day!

What do you miss this week: Snuggling on the couch when its cold outside.

How's Landon this week: Still doing great! Super helpful and doing amazing in school!

Favorite song/show/movie of the moment: Taylor Swifts new album! It's amazing!

Pictures from this week:

My 'new' bedroom! I have new bedding I want to put on today! The walls were an awful green, headboard was a med Wood color and night stand was black!

The hat J bought me in port! He wrote me and told me that he got me something....."I got you a gift today! It's ugly and I hate it, therefore, you will love it" Haha. I miss him.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One of those days....

Today is Little's school picture day.
We woke up a little early and he was a DREAM getting out of bed. Got right up, bushed teeth and got dressed. We packed his backpack, got shoes and socks on, refixed his tie and after snapping a new pictures we headed out the door!
All was well until we were ALMOST to the was only a foot away! He tripped. In the mud. His knees got muddy but thank goodness his white sweater was spared! Running back into the house to change pants we went(this is a Major perk of uniforms for school! I knew exactly where two more pairs of clean uniform pants were!)
We got back in the car and were going to make it to school with 2 minutes to spare! THEN the long line of cars wouldn't let me over to get on the freeway. There is nowhere to turn around. Off to the next spot to get on. We were now 5 minutes late.
We parked in one of the furthest spots from the door and walked hand in hand into school. Even though our morning was a little hectic there in the end. It made me smile when I got back to my car. Normally I drop him off in the drop off line and he walks in by himself. Going in with him was a little blessing today. I got extra hugs and kisses and it was the most amazing part of my day.
Now enjoy how stinkin' cute he looked!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Deployment Weekly Recap: Week 7!

Emotional: GREAT!

Physical: Same ol' same. Allergies. But I'm trying to keep up on my vitamins so I hope that will help.

Communication: Phone calls every day for the past week It was soooo nice to hear his voice!

What's something fun you did this week: Booked our plane tickets and put a deposit down on the room for our Disneyland trip for Landon's birthday! I'm soooooo excited to go!
What are you looking forward to next week: Going to the movies with Stephanie! I love our monthly movie dates(even more so when they have hot guys in them! haha)

What made you happy this week: Listening to J and Little talk on the phone. Even though J is gone a lot, thay are still so close!

What made you sad/mad this week: It was sad listening to my dad getting ready for his surgery.  My heart was breaking for him and my mom. I'm so very thankful that everything went well, but things will be hard for them for a while.

What do you miss this week: Being able to call him back. I LOVED talking to him, but I didn't like that if I had something to tell him I had to wait and hope he would call and I would remember. It's always the little things I miss the most.

How's Landon this week: GREAT! He's had so much time home that he is enjoying going to school on the days he gets to. He also loved getting to talk to his Dad everynight before bed!

Favorite song/show/movie of the moment: The Notebook. I always watch it when I miss him a little extra.

Pictures from this week:
I got our dinning room finished! I think it's my favorite room in the house sometimes!
(I did find a good thanksgiving banner at Target yesterday and took down the Christmas one)

A Navy site posted this picture! I'm always excited to see pictures of the boat when they are gone and it's even better when I can SEE my husband in them!!
(He's the one on the far right!)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Deployment Weekly Recap: Week 6!

Emotional: Pretty good! I have a couple weepy moments, but nothing too bad.

Physical: Tired. This switch in weather always gets me.

Communication: I got a few good emails! Always makes my day!
What's something fun you did this week: We went trick-or-treating with Steph and baby William. We went to the Mystic Village then Landon and I headed over to the Aquarium to trick-or-treat some more.
What are you looking forward to next week: Hearing from J. I wrote him an email with a ton of important stuff and I really want to hear what he thinks about it all!
What made you happy this week: How amazing Landon was during the hurricane. Over 24 hours without power and he never once told me he was bored! He helped me everytime I asked and kept himself busy, even when it gets dark super early and we were upstairs for hours in the dark(we did have lanterns!)
What made you sad/mad this week: Hurricane Sandy. Some people lost everything and it breaks my heart. We got so lucky that we were just without power and got a little water in our basement. 

What do you miss this week: Having J here when I'm freaked out. I HATE when the power is out and it's time for bed. It always scares me!
How's Landon this week: So good! He's been out of school ALL WEEK! I figured he would be bored, but he's not. He's been getting all dressed up in warm clothes and playing outside with the dogs as much as he can! He's been a huge help to.

Favorite song/show/movie of the moment: Mumford & Sons new CD. It's always on when I'm cleaning or reading! I LOVE it!

Pictures from this week:
Landon sleeping on my floor during the hurricane. We had been out of power all day and we spent the hours after it got dark up in my room. He decided on his own that he was tired and wanted to go to sleep.

We got our October gift from J in the mail on Halloween! Landon was so excited!

Trick-or-treating in Mystic Village!(our 4th year going!)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Deployment Weekly Recap: Week 5!

Emotional: Better! I still don't feel like doing much, though.

Physical: Better! I've been super tired though, I think it's mostly allergies.

Communication: Tons! Mail dropped and I got everything that he's written for the past 3-4 weeks!

What's something fun you did this week: Last weekend we went to an FRG things at a local farm/ice cream place. It was so much fun!
What are you looking forward to next week: Being shut in my house with no power....Just kidding! I'm so NOT looking forward to this hurricane!

What made you happy this week: Landon's Parent/Teacher conference went AMAZING! I'm so proud of how well he's doing! I'm so glad he got into this school. I feel like it's everything we've been wating for his education! He's above grade level in reading and in the 98%tile when it comes to math! He loves this school and I'm so happy that it's worked out!

What made you sad/mad this week: This storm stopping family from coming to visit.. I'm super bumed. My SIL had a ticket to come out with her baby and it got cancelled.

What do you miss this week: Laying in bed together listening to the rain. It's always been my favorite and every time it rains, I think of him.

How's Landon this week: GREAT! He's doing so good in school! I'm just so proud of him! Even his teacher says he has really grown in the past few months!

Favorite song/show/movie of the moment: The song..."the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss" It's my go-to song every deployment.

Pictures from this week:

Both are from our trip to the farm. He really loves it there.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Deplotment Weekly Recap: Week 4!

Emotional: Ehhh. I've been better. Deployment wise, I've been good! Life wise, not so much this week!

Physical: Like crud! I woke up this morning puking my guts out. 2nd day this week. ICK!

Communication: Nothing.....but I have a feeling one is coming!(If he knows whats good for him. lol)

What's something fun you did this week: I've been hanging out with another wife from the boat a lot. Shes been coming over late once Little is in bed and we watch movies and chat. We've started a 'deployment movie chain' where we watch a movie and the next one we watch must have an actor/actress from the last one....and so on! It's fun planning out where we are going to go with them!
What are you looking forward to next week: No idea! and I love it! We don't have anything at all planned next week!!!!!!

What made you happy this week: Spending time with Little. I feel like we are really getting into a groove with this new school. Every friday, if he's been good, we get a surprise after I get him from the bus. Sometimes it's little like popcorn in bed or bigger like lunch and a movie.  No matter what it is, he LOVES it!

What made you sad/mad this week: People(not children) who think it's alright to threaten a child. MY CHILD! I was furrious! People need to grow up and learn some manners.
What do you miss this week: The fact that he can calm me down in a minute when I'm heated. I really needed it this week.....

How's Landon this week: For the most part, good. He went to bed one night thinking that someone out there wanted to hurt him and that broke my heart. Never again.

Favorite song/show/movie of the moment: I REALLY love the movie 'Leap Year' I can watch it over and over again!

Pictures from this week: Little is going to be Peter Pan for Halloween and I think it's the cutest thing EVER! This past weekend, we headed out and walked the old access road behind our house and took some pictures! We had so much fun!

On the road behind our house! It's so beautiful!

Finley followed us the whole way! Shes so funny.

At the very edge of the property we found these HUGE rocks! Landon was so excited we have some!(He was bummed when we bought the house that we didn't have any like the house down the street....little did we know that we did! But they were in the woods!)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I'm cranky. Not Deployment cranky, just cranky.

I seem to be annoyed with the world and I hate when I get like this.

I'm annoyed that people don't watch their kids.
I'm annoyed that people drive way too fast on my road and I have nightmares about being hit.
I'm annoyed that grown ups act like kids.
I'm annoyed at excuses.
I'm annoyed with people who think it's fine to discipline my child while I'm dealing with it.
I'm annoyed that I haven't heard from my husband in weeks.
I'm annoyed with people who try too hard.

Every once in  a while I get in a hole. I do my thing and hate the world just for a little while. I'm not much  of a negative person, but I'm human. I'm not perfect and I have my moments.

Tomorrow will be a new day. The sun will rise and so will I. My day will start and all will be forgotten.

But, for today. I'm cranky.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Deployment Weekly Recap: Week 3

Emotional:I've been doing pretty good! I tend to not break down till about week 4-5.

Physical: Pretty good. Having a house with this many stairs sure makes your legs and butt work!

Communication: Nothing. But, I knew that I wouldn't.

What's something fun you did this week: Landon and I spent an amazing day at the Mystic Village. We went to the candy store, fed the ducks and went to the Grilled Cheese Cafe for some hot soup. It was a perfect day.

What are you looking forward to next week: Honestly? Getting more done around the house. I want to have everything in its place when J gets home and I love getting our first real home ready.

What made you happy this week: I love the feeling of really settling down. Buying a house has made me fall even more in love with our town. I love that the lady at the used book store knows us and has books for Landon to look at everytime we go in and I love that I'm on a first name basis with our Mail-Lady. It's the small things that make you feel like you belong.

What made you sad/mad this week: Feeling like my opinion doesn't matter because of my husbands job(or how low he is on the totem pole)

What do you miss this week: Help lifting the heavy things I really shouldn't be doing. Haha.

How's Landon this week: Good! We've started a reward system where if he is good all week, we will go for a surprise on friday after I pick him up!

Favorite song/show/movie of the moment: Vampire Diaries! Damon is my make-shift husband when J is away. Haha.

Pictures from this week:
Our first fill of oil came today! ....$700 later and we are ready for winter!
I added the 60 books I bought over the last two weeks to my shelf! It took some crafty arranging, but it's done!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY Halloween door!

I've seen ideas floating around pinterest like this for the past few months and I just kept thinking that with our new lime green door, it would be perfect! I kinda came up with my own since I didn't want to go out and buy anything. You can really come up with a monster any way you want!
I used:
Streamers(left over from Little's party)
Window sticker eyes(you can use paper and draw them though)
Large foam sheet for the 'mouth'
(I also had a dollar store spider laying around that I thought fit perfect!)
I LOVE the way it turned out! Little thinks it's the most amazing thing ever!
I plan to make a different one each year! It was so much fun!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Halloween Village!

Last year when we were putting up my cheap Christmas Village I told J how they weren't painted very well and I should just repaint them. The next part of the conversation went like this.
J- "Why would you want them all one color?"
Me- "No, dork! I would just fix the parts that look like junk. It's not like I would be painting them all black!"
Then it hit me! I could paint them all black! It just wouldn't be for Christmas!
Yesterday Little and I dug out a few of the houses and ran to the store to find some people we thought would look good in our village(we also got some trees and benches and such).
Then we got to work!

Everything we planned to paint!
(You can get the little houses at walmart and places like that. These we got a few years ago and I think they were $1-2 each!)

Giving Little his first lesson in spray paint! We did black then added random spurts of glow-in-the-dark spray paint.

First coat! We left a few pieces of color poking out but not much!

All dry and set up! The missionaries were here doing laundry and told me I needed to add the web to it! I think they were right!

The bride and groom are my favorite! They look super creepy!

Someone told me they saw this going around pinterest, but I haven't seemed to be able to find it even when I searched for it! I guess quite a few people had this idea! I love it!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

If only Cancer were just a horoscope sign....

I've been debating on talking about this for a while now and since it's too hard for me to talk about in real life, I figured this might be the way to get it all out.

As some of you know, we lost my sister to cancer almost five years ago. It was devastating. We found out and two years later, she was gone. Leaving behind a husband and two little kids.

I was living across the country but was able to make it home in time to see her before she passed and was in the room with her, in my parents home, when she took her last breath.

Years later, my family still has not healed. We ache for our loss. My niece started high school this year and watching her grow and morph into an exact picture of her mother makes my heart hurt for her. She was only eight when she said goodbye to her mom and now is the time she would need her the most.

This story leads to this year. About a month ago my Father had his yearly physical come back abnormal. Levels were high. Things weren't right. A few weeks ago he went in for a biopsy. They confirmed the worst. Once again, our family would battle cancer. On a scale of 1-10 his is a 7. While they didn't give him an expiration date like they did my sister, our faith in cancer healing is slim. The doctors are confident that they can beat this. Surgery will take place in 3 weeks and from there we hope for the best. Surgery will change my parents lives forever. While he might be cancer free, things will be different. You can't just remove a body organ and go on as normal.

I don't know where to go from here. I feel lost. I can't lose another.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Deployment Recap: Week 2

Week #2.

Great! I'm in a really good place. I have goals and I won't let anything get in my way!

Physical: I'm feeling better! I think part is I'm getting more sleep, which is always a plus!

Communication: Quite a few emails this week! Exactly what I needed!

What's something fun you did this week: Girls days! Casey and I spent 3 hours at the book barn and ate at SOL where she works! It was a really amazing day. Then, Steph and I went to the movies today! We saw Pitch Perfect and it was super good! I also had book club this week which is always amazing!

What are you looking forward to next week: We have a 4 day weekend! I'm looking forward to getting some Halloween crafts done with the Sister Missionaries!

What made you happy this week: Feeling like I'm exactly where I need to be. I love our house and I'm really enjoying getting it all settled!

What made you sad/mad this week: Our favorite Missionary went home this week. He's been so amazing. He was always willing to help when I needed it and was a great friend to Landon. I know we will be seeing him again!

What do you miss this week: My foot warmer. We had a few cold nights and it took forever to get to sleep with my chilly feet. J sleeps soooo hot so I would always put my feet on him and they would warm right up!

How's Landon this week: Cranky. We will have a really good day, then a REALLY bad day. He's testing me and I know he's just hard. We've started a good reward system so I hope that helps.

Favorite song/show/movie of the moment: Fall TV is back on! I LOVE Hart of Dixie!

Pictures from this week:
My book barn finds! I got 42 books for $90! And they all look almost brand new!!! AMAZING! The most I paid was $6 for falling up, everything else was $4 and under!

Playing games with the missionaries! This game was sooo much fun! Not as easy as we expected either!

Landon and Lemon at Landon's soccer game. He was so excited that they came to watch him play.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hurry up! and...wait.

Sometimes I don't know if life is moving incredible fast or incredible slow.

Time seemed to crawl waiting for J to get home, it flew by when he was getting ready to leave and now that he's gone? I wait.

I feel my life is a constant wait.

Wait for him to come home
Wait for him to leave
Wait for Cancer results(more than one the past few months)
Wait for the Navy to decide if we stay or go
Wait for order choices
Wait to see if buying a house really wasn't the best choice
Wait for the boat to freak out when we accept orders
Wait for Little to be home from school
Wait during soccer, karate and lacrosse practice
Wait for the dishes to be done so I can do more..same with laundry
Wait for an e-mail...
WAIT for an e-mail....
Wait all day for phone calls.
Wait for dinner to cook
Wait for bedtime

I am happy to say that we have officially accepted orders to stay here for shore duty and they are already 'hard' orders not just verbal. Now I just wait for my man to get home and start shore duty!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chalk board paint!

All of the rooms in the house were painted beautifully when we moved in.....the kitchen had a little too much mint green though. I didn't mind it for the most part, but the big wall across from the stove and such was a little much. I was trying to think of how to make it not so..blah?
Then it hit me....Chalk board paint!
Minty green before!

Right after I painted to wait 3 days!

Curing it!

The start of my tree! My husband came home for lunch, I had the music blasting, doors all open and I was standing on a step ladder free handing a tree. Lol. He so kindly reminded me that I'm nuts.

I'm so excited to change the tree for every season! I think this is the perfect cure to me wanting to redecorate all the time!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Deployment weekly recap: Week 1.

Here we go's been a while.

Week #1.

Emotional: Tired. It was a long few weeks leading up to them leaving. We were counting on 3 weeks once they got home from being gone...but it changed to 3 days. We had so many things planned that we couldn't do. I'm sad.

Physical: I'm getting over a wicked sinus infection. Ha. Besides that, I'm sore from mowing the lawn(first time all by myself!)

Communication: Nothing yet....but that's to be expected.

What's something fun you did this week: Little and I stayed home all weekend. We built a fort outside, got yard work done and ate junk for breakfast! It was great!

What are you looking forward to next week: Oct is bonus time! Shopping takes my mind off of anything!

What made you happy this week: Knowing I have a GREAT support system.

What made you sad/mad this week: People who don't know what 'backoff' means.

What do you miss this week: Nothing yet....I'm used to him being gone for a few days. It will take a bit for it to sink in.

How's Landon this week: He's fine. He's used to Daddy being gone...which almost makes it harder.

Favorite song/show/movie of the moment: (song)Sad by Maroon 5

Pictures from this week: