Sunday, May 23, 2010

Picnic & Food Quest!

The other day we were driving around and J said he wanted some Ice cream. We looked up "other" in the food section of our GPS and found a place called Cows & Cones. So we went!

What we got:
J- he got oreo coffee ice cream in a waffles cone (He LOVED it)
K- I got a banana split with brownie dough ice cream, hot fudge and marshmallow! (The best ice cream I've ever had. seriously)
L- He got a vanilla cone dipped in cherry (he got one once at DQ and has been obsessed ever since)

We walked around the grounds while we ate and saw all of the animals, they have cows, sheep, chicken, pigs and bunnies. The grounds are really beautiful and the animals are tons of fun to look at.

They had a few benches, bistro tables and even some picnic tables you could sit at to eat. We chose a table up by the chickens away from most of the crowd. We ate in peace then walked around a bit more. You could even bring a blanket to sit on the hill above the animals if you wanted to.

This place isn't far from the base here, so if your ever near there on a hot day, stop by and get some amazing ice cream!


Jenn and Eric said...

Oh my gosh! You guys hadnt been to Cows N Cones before??? I LOVE that place! Best ice cream I've ever had. Our FRG used to have lots of get togethers there. For the scarecrow contest, the hayride, etc. The even have classic car shows there.

Amanda said...

that sounds so tastey!! and fun! ive never heard of that place before!