Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving(a little late)

My husband has been gone for a while and was supposed to return the day before Thanksgiving....but, as things always go with the Navy, the boat broke and they were delayed. After much convincing, they were able to pull in on Thanksgiving morning! They got in at about 8am and got everything taken care of. A few hours later J was able to come home! He didn't get much down time though since we were hosting Thanksgiving dinner! EEkkkk!

My first time cooking everything went great! We had turkey & ham with all of the sides! I even made super cute cookies!(pictures below). It was also so amazing that most of our friends were able to make it to dinner. Spending time away from home for the holiday isn't so hard when your "Navy Family" can spend it with you.

I'm so thankful that Jwas able to be home on time and gets to spend the holidays with us. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Stripe cookies, mini Reece's dipped in yellow tinted frosting on top. (orange star burst buckles)

Stripe cookies(cut in half) with marshmallow cookie(cut in half) with candy corn heads!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent Calendar!

I love making Landon a advent calendar each year.(We also buy him a playmobil advent calendar each year.) It's been something fun we've done and I think I'm going to keep doing it until he's too old to care. Haha. Two years ago I made THIS ONE.  Last year I wanted to try a new one and I'm so glad I did! We loved it! I don't have the heart to do a new one just yet since I'm so in love with this one!

Here are the directions I made on here for it last year! 

You will need:
Different colors of green paper(I had 5 different colors/textures)
Tissue paper(You don't NEED this but it's what I used)
Glue(I used hot glue because it was faster)

Different color paper for numbers/ornaments
Tape to help hold things in
Round objects to help you make exact circles(I had 4 different sized objects)

Trace object and cut out circles.

Cut each circle in half.

Roll each half into cones by "connecting" each "flat" end. You have to roll it a bit tight to get it to stand straight without dipping in the middle. I hot glues the whole side down then put a dot in the inside to let the flap hold better.

I cut out little red circles for the numbers but you could just write it on the trees if you wanted. I also ended up using a yellow star for the 24th. I used one hot glue dot to keep the circles on.

I cut the tissue in little squares and wrote everything on my scrap paper to put inside.

I rolled the advent paper and stuck it in the top of the cone then packed the tissue in there to hold it.

I used a hole-punch to make ornaments for the 24th then used hot glue to put them on.

Landon's Advent Forest! He loves it!

Somethings we have in our advent calendar:
Drive around to see Holiday lights
Polar Express theme day!
Christmas movies
Little toys/gifts (checkers, nutcracker, cocoa, chocolate spoon)
Activities(go to movies, have movie night, go to lunch, make Christmas crafts, make decorations, make Santa cookies...ect)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stationery card

Very Merry Moments Christmas Card
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank you.

To all those who have and are serving our Country.
We are the land of the free, because of the brave.

To my Husband: Thank you for not only sacrificing to protect our family, but every other family in the U.S.A.  You might be gone a lot, and miss things you wish you didn't.....but we are so proud of you for what you do. Come home soon. Come home safe. We're waiting for you.