Friday, November 28, 2008


I have all of my shopping done! Well for everyone but Justin that is. Here is a video of what Landons "big" gift will be. It will be the big gift he gets when Justin is home since we can't do our big family x-mas on time. He will get a few small things and santa will visit on the real christmas.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Part one.

Here is a little list of the things I am thankful for!

My Family & Friends.
Justin & Landon.
The Military and all who put their lives on the line everyday.

Part two. My family may not want to read this.

These are the struggles I am facing today.

I would say that being away from Justin isn't the easiest thing in the world as I'm sure all of you would agree. But the Holidays seem to be the one time I really wish he was home. I wish I could skip the Holidays all together this year and just get them over with, but I have to remember why these days are so special.

Last night while laying in bed I couldn't sleep. It was 11:00 here so that means 8:00 back home, I decided that I needed to call and talk to my niece. I have been told that she has been having problems in school and isn't dealing with the fact that after being in their new house for two months that they are moving again. My niece and nephew lost their mother two years ago to cancer....she was my best friend and the best sister anyone could ever have asked for. The cancer consumed their lives for two very long years before it took her life. I will never understand what those two little children have to go through to try to ease their pain. Taylor is now ten and Cole is six, and all they have left are memories of their mom. They love when I call them and tell them all of things we do over here and they love hearing about where their Uncle Justin has been. As much as I love those kids for some reason talking to them breaks my heart....maybe its because I see so much of her in them.

I miss my sister so much that it hurts. Life shouldn't always turn out like this but sometimes it does. I should be able to call her today and tell her once again that I'm thankful that she is my sister, but I can't.

So here I sit today, wishing my husband was home so he could hold me and again this year tell me that its alright to be sad. Sometimes I wonder if the pain will ever ease because I know it will never fully go away.

So please be thankful for your families. Be thankful for health and life. I know I am. And I know my faith in God will one day wash away my pain and leave me with nothing but happy memories. I will patiently wait for that day.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


If throwing up was an Olympic sport I would take home the gold. I have been sick all of my life and so I'm now an expert at throwing up. I know at least 10 min before hand if I'm going to be sick. I have been sick the past 24 hours and I hate it. I haven't been this sick for a while and I was thinking that just maybe that nasty phase of my life had past....but no, here I am sicker then a dog. I hate being sick when Justin isn't home he always knows how to make my life a little easier. When we were in high school he held my hair for me a many of times and now he just keeps Landon occupied until I feel better. Hahaha what a gross post I have going here. My point is I'm sick and miserable but happy that I get to talk to Justin....he will make me feel better even if he is on the other side of the world.

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Furniture. Part 4.

Ok so not all of it is new.....only the TV is new, but I switched the furniture around so I'm mostly just posting these for Justin so he can see what I did to our bedroom. lol.

Justin has had the dresser and headboard since highschool, someone gave them to him....I guess they are really old.

View from my bed. Lol my new TV and a nice little chunk of my books.

MY chair. I LOVE that chair!

My bed side table is also a doggy/kitty house. Fin sleeps in it every night. Oh and I got new lamps.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I just bought my ticket to see Twilight this Friday!!!! I'm so excited! I have never been excited about a movie coming out like this before!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not a baby anymore.....

First off this is how big that caterpillar is. Its huge!

So Landon sleeps in my bed while Justin is gone and when Justin is home Landon still likes to sleep in our room, just not in our bed. As all of you know I just got Landon new furniture and bedding with the hopes of him wanting to sleep in there. So far so good! Hes slept in his room by himself all week and the past 2 days the dog has even slept with him. I feel so much better with Hundley sleeping in with Landon, I don't really know why but it makes me sleep better knowing he has him in there with him. Justin will be happy to know that we will have our own room back when he gets home lol. Landon is getting so big I can't believe that he will be four in a few months. Where does time go....

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Family Crest!

So now I have two pieces of art from Becca. I LOVE her crests and had to have one. I wanted to it to a blend of everything that makes us who we are. So to explain what it all means. One is my Scottish family Crest, one is an arrow head for Justin's Native American heritage, of course the submarine for well....what Justin does for a living then last one is a mix of two things....Justin and my first date was in Seattle at Pike Place Market it was amazing! I have blogged about it before so I will spare the mushy details. So its the Pike Place sign and a picnic basket because everywhere we move, the first thing we do is set out to find a new picnic spot and after we do we know we are home. Its the one constant in our ever changing life. So Pike place is a symbol of what started it all and the picnic basket is a symbol of what we will always have.

The first rough draft.

All drawn out.

Final draft!!!

She can make one for you to! Go visit

New York City!

For Roans birthday I went with Michael and the boys to NYC. Her in-laws live right in the city so everything was within walking distance from their house, it was so great! We went to Carmines for lunch and the food was amazing! It was a family style Italian place. then we went to toys-r-us where the boys rode the Ferris wheel, went to build-a-bear, then FAO and on to central park. The last two things Michael and I did with the boys while her in-laws went back to their home. The whole day was great and I couldn't have asked to have a better time. I hope Justin and I get a chance to go back when he gets home and since its only a 2 hour drive I don't think it will be a problem (lol). Here are a few pictures from the day.

Eating lunch.

Lol he was being so funny.

At least he liked the food.

Way up high on the Ferris wheel.

coming around.

Outside of FAO.
I have such a cute kid!

In central park. Then we went off to get Starbucks and walk back......we had so much fun!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Furniture. Part 3.

So I bought Landon new bedroom furniture and I love it! He can seriously have it until hes in college. I got him a full size bed (and new mattress), a night stand and an armoire. I love his bedding! I went to FAO today and got the big caterpillar that's on top of his bed, its like 3 feet long!

His bed bed has 4 drawers on the end and 2 big ones on the side.

His leaf and big caterpillar.

Armoire (I swear that's how you spell it!)

Here it is open. I only let him watch movies for nap/quiet time.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

It must be love.....

Justin has been so busy at work that I haven't gotten an e-mail in about a week. So here I am sitting at my computer when I get 2! The first one was him telling me how busy he has been and that hes way ahead but that it comes with a price (no sleep). And here is the second one. My eyes are still teary. I love him so much and its the times like this that I remember that he feels the same way I do about him.

Hey KK-
I was thinking today, of what day I think is the best day of my life. There are many days that came to mind where we did really fun stuff, did exciting stuff, went on vacation. But the day I think is the best one of my whole life is a very simple, laid back day. The day I love the most is my boot camp graduation day, I feel like that day marks the day when we really became a family, and set out on our own journey together. I really love you and miss you so much. I look at everything we have accomplished and how good our lives are and I know that you are my one and only true love and that we were meant to be together and will always be together forever. Our son is so smart and well behaved because we both have taken the time to teach him manners and numbers and letters. I look at that picture of us laying on the bed at the hotel and the one of us outside the hotel and I know that we have the best family in the world and that as long as we stick together we can get through anything. I thank you for supporting me and being strong for me when I need it. I thank you for knowing where I put my stuff. But most of all I thank you for loving me. Our family is the bestest.

Love Justin….husband and father forever.

One of the pictures he is talking about is the one that I just happened to put up as my header just a few days ago. For some reason we were both thinking the same thing at the same time.

Friday, November 7, 2008


I have been kind of out of it for the past week or so. I just feel.....vacant. I know I'm just in a deployment hump and I hope to get myself out of it soon. I have amazing friends here who have been keeping me busy and that's always nice. Yesterday Casey watched Landon for a few hours at her house so I could get a few things done here. In the few hours that she had him I got soo much done! My house is cleaner then it has been in a while. lol. Then Casey and Niki came over for dinner. I made something new and was surprised that we all liked it so much. We hung out for a few hours and played my Wii and with Landon going to bed so early now it was nice to be able to hang out with friends and just talk. I just hate that now with Landon going to bed early that means I have to go to bed early. So my normal hang out with friend till 2 in the morning is now hang out with them until 11 and by the time I walk them to the door I'm so tired I can barely stand. Lol. The joys of having a child who wakes up early.

So here is to hoping this deployment finishes off quickly and that this hump will soon be over.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rainy day=LOVE!

It finally rained! I haven't had rain in almost a month and a half so its nice to be back here and have it pour. I bought Landon all new rain gear when I was in whistler at an AMAZING store. So he has a matching rain coat, rain boots and an umbrella all with pirates on them! He loves it! and he was so happy to be able to wear it all today for the first time.

New Furniture. Part 2.

So for part of Justin's x-mas gifts I bought him a new T.V. I also had to get a new stand to go with it, got surround sound put in and got a new DVD rack (thinking we would have room left. WRONG its already full!). He will be so happy to get home and have a man TV. Lol.

Far right side. Bean wouldn't get out of the shot.


Far Left side.

Up close.

This is what is used to look like....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New furniture. Part 1.

With some of Justin's bonus I got a lot of new furniture. He was upset when I went and saw him in Bahrain because I didn't bring him pictures of what I bought. So I am putting them on here so he can check them in his next port. This is just the dining room.

Table and china hutch. The table has a 2ft leaf that goes into it and I have 2 more chairs to go with it. The china hutch is amazing! Its even lit! Like our deployment chain in the back? Its getting soo long (YAY!).

The table is a darker wood and black.

China hutch.

I got bar stools for the bar and Landon loves sitting there for breakfast.

The new computer desk that I love!

What is used to look like.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dryer, Dryer house on fire.

I was making dinner when I looked out of my bay window and saw a guy jumping around without a shirt on. After about 30 seconds I realized it was Mark, my neighbor and a good friend of mine and Justin's. Then my phone rang, it was Jessica telling me that her house was on fire. I rushed over there to help as much as I could. I ran over to Christa's house and told them to get out since they were connected to Mark and Jessica's house. I think a total of 5-6 fire trucks came to put the fire out. I took the baby for a little while so they could get everything figured out then Jess and the baby came over to my house. Niki and Casey were already over hanging out for the night so it was a party at my house. Lol.

Herd of Fire Men.


I ordered pizza for Mark and Jessica since she was just starting dinner when the house went up and figured that I would feed everyone.

Everyone is fine. Not too much damage to the house. The drum of the dryer caught fire somehow but they got it under control and everything is alright now.