Friday, May 7, 2010

Food Quest: Pauls Pasta

I love pasta. It's one of those things that I could eat daily(don't worry I don't!). Paul's is a place that everyone knows of or has heard of when they have lived here for a bit. They are great! The food is priced great and they make their food fresh daily (even the pasta!).
Normally when I would go I would play it safe and get the Chicken Alfredo(which is really good!).....but for the sake of the food quest I told myself I would try new things. So I did!

What we ordered:
M & K- We both got a salad, with the lemon poppyseed dressing....ick. The dressing wasn't the best. Then we both got the Lobster Ravioli - Small(smalls are good sized, I couldn't even finish mine. The larges are HUGE!). Choice of sauce Alfredo, tomato or pesto (we got Alfredo). ( It was AMAZING! soooo good. I'm glad I tried it. I'm doing my best to try as much seafood as I can while I live here.)
L- He got the Buffalo Mac-n-Cheese - Small. Just like it sounds, drenched in a cheddary "buffalofredo" sauce, a kick of heat and a light gorgonzola crumb topping (Wow!!!! Landon is a great eater, but I didn't know if he was really going to eat this. Oh he did, but he had to fight Mandy and I off to do it! I will for sure be getting this when I go back next!)
For dessert!- Landon got a chocolate chip cookie. Mandy and I shared the carrot cake and the deep fried cookie dough. The cookie dough was my favorite! It was sooooo good, it's something that I will make sure I get again.

This first picture is of all the food....can't you tell! Top left over and down.
  • The salad with the dressing on the side.
  • Buffalo Mac&Cheese!!! YUMMMM!
  • My Lobster ravioli.
  • The Fried Cookie Dough
  • Carrot Cake
  • The big picture is the main dishes together with the amazing bread sticks they serve with their pasta.
Great atmosphere
Nice staff
You can eat inside or out on the patio (that over looks the water!)
Good prices
Great amount of food for your money
Kid friendly (small children's menu, they can can get a small of anything, really)
If the outside deck isn't open (during the winter) then you might have a problem finding a place to sit if it's busy.
Parking can be hard. You can park on the road or behind the building. Once again if it's busy you will have a problem.

These are the pictures of Landon during dinner and one of us outside leaving to go home. We are having so much fun doing the food quest!


Beth said...

LOL I was wondering about you earlier today. I was thinking about the times you stood up for me and our laughs. And I thought...."I wonder if she is on Jessica's friends list?" And you were! So I found ya on Facebook and then saw you had a blog too.

We are still in Washington. I'm moving back to Georgia this summer...he is deploying again and then he is out of the Navy in February.