Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Picnic Quest: Devil's Hopyard State Park

Last weekend we decided to go on a picnic since the weather was getting nice and J was getting ready to leave. I decided to hit another picnic quest spot! This time we went to Devil's Hopyard and we loved it!

When you drive in you can pick from tons of different places to stop. You can sit on the grass or they have a ton of picnic table you can choose from, they even have grills if you want to grill some food right there! We drove down to a spot we'd been before and sat at one of the tables right next to the river. It was so nice!

The view of the bridge from our table.
The boys getting ready to eat. I made different food this time and J was mad....I'm supposed to make the same thing EVERYTIME! lol.
After we ate we hiked for a little bit. I wanted to see the Falls and it wasn't far to walk, so off we went. We went to the little ones first and went to the bigger one on the way back. I want to go back once the weather gets nicer....what an amazing place to walk around!
The streams and everything were just beautiful.
He cracks me up. Always making a show. I don't know why he can't just stand still and let me take pictures.
My boys.
Landon. We tried to get the dog up there with him but he wasn't having any of it, I couldn't get any good pictures of the dog that day.
"Look mom, it looks like I'm running, but I'm not!"
The grounds were just so beautiful, I wanted to take pictures of everything (and I did, but I will spare you 20 photos)
Lol. He's doing the MJ walk.
J wanted to take a few pictures of Landon and I. Not bad. This was after we were walking for a little over an hour and it was a bit chilly!

Going back to the car. Landon got up there and started yelling "Fi FI FO FUM, I'm a troll!" He's so funny!


I love this park and plan on going back quite a bit while we live here!


Ali said...

Aw cute! looks like yall had a wonderful time! Makes for great family memories!

Rose said...

Wow! That area looks awesome for shoots!! The bridge area reminds me of Beetlejuice in the beginning..:) hehehe.. Great photos!!! Love this picnic area!! :)