Sunday, April 19, 2009

Picnic Quest: Harkness Park!

Like I have said, everywhere we move we always hunt out the perfect picnic place. We went to Bluff Point a few times but it just wasn't right. While Justin was gone Mandy and I went to Harkness Park and I just knew that was it...the perfect spot!

Onto the quest park of this blog. I bought a book at one of my favorite stores in the Mystic Village it's called "Traveling Connecticut with a picnic basket" so how could I not buy it! Anyway I was looking at all the places that they say you should go and have a picnic this past weekend and decided that we are going to go to every one of them before we move. Crazy enough Harkness was on the list. So check one! I will update every new place we go. It might take a while since Justin will deploy a few times before we move but we WILL do it!

Here are the pictures I took from our picnic yesterday.

This is of the actual picnic. We use the amazing quilt Justin's mom made for him when he was younger. It's the perfect size for all three of us to stretch out on. I always make the same food. Chicken Parm and Pickle Pasta (JENN!) I will post both of those recipes on TATT this Tuesday.

We promised Landon we would play baseball at the park. So we did. Justin even tried just throwing the ball to Landon to see if he could hit it. He did on the first try. It was so great!

Then we had a candy necklace fight. Justin and I used to have them all the time in high school. What you do is you separate the necklace so you have just one piece of candy on the string and you put it in between your front teeth so your biting it in half, pull back and bit all the way down. it will shoot far and they hurt so don't aim for the face.

Harkness even has a beach. We walked down and the boys were skipping rocks. I love just sitting back and watching them.

After we did all that we got cleaned up and walked around the rest of the park. Here are just a few of the great pictures I got.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

Your family is always so cute and photogenic!!

It looks like you had another awesome week and weekend!

Amanda Brandeburg said...

Yay Harkness! I wish I was there... but instead I was on a boat frying the whole weekend :-\

Bri0213 said...

Woo Hoo go me!!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!

Bri0213 said...

oh and i miss your whispering eye!

Jenn and Eric said...

Looks like you guys had a great time. You should try out Rocky Neck Park near Niantic. We went there over the weekend. Wonderful. It has a beautiful white sand beach.

Strong "er" then you! said...

Oh how I miss your pickled pasta lol....I can never make it right! Looks like you guys enjoyed your time together!

Anonymous said...

okay i have to laugh i have been a recipient of those candy necklaces many times. lol i love the pictures it always makes me feel i am there with you guys. Kim i dont know how you always manage to put the emotion in your pics. but you always do.

Tina(proud mom,Mil & Gma)