Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Food Quest: Bobby Flay's Burger Palace

Mandy and I are doing a food quest. We've already gone to a few places but I didn't take any pictures. I'm going to be putting those places up and I will go back and add pictures once we revisit the restaurant. We've gone to some REALLY amazing places so far, all here in Connecticut! The rules are: No big chains (no one cares if we go to Applebees), reviews must be 100% honest!, pros and cons must be for the resturant only and the more hole in the wall the better!!
So first up is......
What we ordered:
M- L.A Burger(with chicken breast instead of beef) it had cheddar cheese, tomato, guacamole and watercress. With a side of sweet potato fries with the most amazing honey mustard horseradish dipping sauce.
K- Palace Classic Burger (well done!) it had American cheese, lettuce, tomato and red onion. I got a side of onion rings and french fries with the BBP fry sauce (I'm not one for fry sauce so I didn't care for it)
L- Kids BBP Burger Deal. Classic cheese burger with nothing on it, side of fries and a kids drink.

It was a really neat setup. You order, take your number and go sit down, when your food is ready they bring it to you. This is Lan waiting for our food.
Mandy's food. The sauce was soooo good!

Landon's food.
My food. I heart lemonade!
Huge onion rings.
Best fries I've ever had!!! Seriously.
All of the sauces you could use on the table.
Yellow mustard, Ketchup, Jalapeno hot sauce (which we all LOVED!), burger sauce(the next favorite) and Chipotle ketchup.

We tested them all out. The green in the middle was gone first. lol.
Getting our left overs to go.
Leftovers again.
Mandy & Landon. He could be her kid, I swear he looks more like her then he does me!
Landon and I getting ready to head back to the car. After stopping off to get dessert that is!
Great food!
Fun atmosphere
Amazing prices
Great amount of food for your money
No wait/good amount of seating
Very child friendly
Did I say great food?
You have to walk through a casino to get to it (some smokey areas)


GUAMtastic said...


I could SO go for about 10 cheeseburgers right now! :)

~His~ said...

omg...those fries look amazing...i'm just a little jelous cuz i want those fries!

Amanda Brandeburg said...

Ummm that place rocks... I am the other person that gets to go on the food quest with Kim :-) So yummy!

Alicia said...

The husband and I went to Bobby Flays restaurant in Mohegan, but I never saw the Burger Palace! I am so bummed!