Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Food Quest: Jasmine Thai

After the old folks home Thai place we went a month or so ago, I wanted to go to a better place. Mandy had heard of one that had GREAT reviews, so we went(twice). Thai is my new favorite!!!! This place was really great. The staff were amazing from the get go, not in your face but they cared if you were alright and taken care of.
Jasmine Thai
What we ordered:
Shared- Jasmine sampler.Spring roll(2),curry puff(2),fried wonton(4),crab rangoon(2)shrimp tempura(2)Served with sweet and sour sauce. (The sauce was AMAZING. We loved everything except the crab rangoon just because we don't like that type of dish. The curry puff was great, tasted just like the curry I had in Bahrain!)
M- Mango curry.With bell pepper,basil,red curry paste,mango,coconut milk and choice of meat. served with steamed jasmine rice. (As always, we shared our main dishes as well. We got this HOT which was good but had a little more kick then we thought it would. lol. We also got it with Chicken. The mango was an amazing touch!)
K- Amazing sauce.Sautéed with peanut sauce on the bed of steamed broccoli,tomatoes and choice of meat.served with steamed jasmine rice. (Got this with Chicken as well. I have a love for peanut sauce....really, I have dreams about it. This was AMAZING. Just perfect. The tomatoes were a little out of place, but oh well!)
Shared dessertIce cream with fried banana (This was really good! I've never had anything like it).  Thai donut (Mandy & I can't stop talking about this dish. It was the most amazing dessert I've ever had! The sauce was sooo good that came with it to!) 


*Amazing Sauce
*Mango Curry
*Fried Bananas
*Thai Donuts
Big picture is the main dishes together

Amazing staff
AMAZING food!!!!!
Great atmosphere
Lots of seating
Child friendly (no children's menu that we saw)
Lots of food for your money
Great prices!
Hard to substitute on things like the sampler
^^that's it^^


Jen said...

I'm SO glad you tried Thai again :) My favorite Thai is Jasmines in Washington, what a coincidence :)

Southern Comfort said...

You make me laugh! I have dreams about peanut sauce too! LOL Love that stuff.