Thursday, March 8, 2012

Come on, Spring!

The weather is slowly getting nicer here in New England! Today little went to school in a sweatshirt! Wooohoooo! Haha.

We have so many fun things planned within the next few months and we just can't wait!

*My parents(who haven't been out this way for 4 years!) are coming to stay with us for three weeks! We will have tons of fun! Last time they were here we had only been here a few months and knew nothing about the area! Now we know everything! We will also be taking some kind of mini vacation with them(if the rotating shift work the hubs is on will let us!).
*We are going on a cruise! We've never been and we are super excited! Little is going with us and my MIL is going to be in the room directly across the hall and he will be staying with her for the most part! We love being able to go on vacations and she tags along to help with Little. She gets her much needed time with him and J and I get a little alone time! It's win/win!
*SUMMER! Oh spring isn't even here and I can't wait for summer! I have so many amazing things planned for Little and I to do!!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


The weather has been crazy here! One day it was 60 and beautiful....the next day we had 3 inches of snow! I've been constantly sick because of this. Haha. I'm ready for spring to be here!

But, I'm even more excited for summer and all of the fun adventures it brings for Little and I. I want to do an ABC adventure type deal.  Every few days I want to do a letter and do them in order. Like (A) for Airplanes(of the paper sort!) (B) for the beach! (C) for Castles (Gillette Castle that is!). I think it would be soo much fun and it would keep us busy and give us something to look forward to!

Does anyone have any fun summer ideas to keep school kids(and their moms!) busy?!