Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One of those days....

Today is Little's school picture day.
We woke up a little early and he was a DREAM getting out of bed. Got right up, bushed teeth and got dressed. We packed his backpack, got shoes and socks on, refixed his tie and after snapping a new pictures we headed out the door!
All was well until we were ALMOST to the was only a foot away! He tripped. In the mud. His knees got muddy but thank goodness his white sweater was spared! Running back into the house to change pants we went(this is a Major perk of uniforms for school! I knew exactly where two more pairs of clean uniform pants were!)
We got back in the car and were going to make it to school with 2 minutes to spare! THEN the long line of cars wouldn't let me over to get on the freeway. There is nowhere to turn around. Off to the next spot to get on. We were now 5 minutes late.
We parked in one of the furthest spots from the door and walked hand in hand into school. Even though our morning was a little hectic there in the end. It made me smile when I got back to my car. Normally I drop him off in the drop off line and he walks in by himself. Going in with him was a little blessing today. I got extra hugs and kisses and it was the most amazing part of my day.
Now enjoy how stinkin' cute he looked!