Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I had an idea that gift #2 was coming today but I didn't know for sure. Sure enough I get a knock on my door and this was waiting there for me!

I love yellow roses!

He always adds in a little card and they are always so sweet!

Since my gift came in the mail today I knew it was time to give Landon his (I have them all in the laundry room ready to go, marked with what months Justin said to give them to him). Even though I am the one who gives them to him he still knows that they are from Daddy.

Landon helped me pick which vase to put them in and told me where he wanted them to go.

He always has them sent at the perfect time! Next months gifts for both Landon and I are already in the house....I haven't peeked yet! So I get to pick when in September we get to open them. I think it will be right before we leave to go to the airport to go back home for a few weeks.


Jen said...

So thats what got delivered today lol I was wondering what it was since you hurried off the phone! It was great talking to you again! Felt like old times! I promise I will get a blog on here sometime this week!

Joe and Samantha said...

sooo pretty.