Sunday, December 26, 2010

Truly wonderful

I would be lying if I said it all went perfect. We have been busy since he got home and have had things to do everyday, which lead to us being so busy we didn't stop to really think about the coming holiday. On Christmas Eve we were running errands instead of getting things ready.  I wish we would have taken the time to slow down and enjoy everything.

In the end it was perfect. I got my sailor home in time to spend Christmas with us and I don't think I could have asked for anything more. We spent the night wrapping the last of Landon's gifts and watching movies together. We went to bed at a decent time knowing we would all be up early.

The next morning J and I woke up to finish getting everything set for Landon to come down.(J was up before me to wrap my gifts since he never wants me to see them the night before.....I like to shake things....)

Hundley was ready to go! He's such a funny little dog. He gets so excited when we are getting things ready. He runs around and bounces off of everything. I love it.

This was the tree on Christmas morning before the madness started. We had presents packed all the way around this thing! It was nuts!

We always do the same thing. Landon has to wait upstairs until we tell him it's time to come down. I love watching his face light up when he first sees the tree and his gift from Santa.

Checking out his new house he got.(which took me FOREVER to put together...and about 10 min for him to take apart)

So stinkin' cute!

Landon and all of his Christmas loot!

I got a lot of really amazing things this year. I got a Kindle from my love with a few things to go with it, movies, LUSH bath stuff, Vera Bradley(of course) and a few other random things. I love everything so much but I can do without it all.

 I got my husband home. That's what mattered this year.

The only thing that holds and candle to him being home is....
Justin bought this for me in Jerusalem. He blessed it there for me. He was torn between giving it to me on Christmas or waiting until the day I got baptised. A week ago he made the decision on when to give it to me.(But I made it easy on him).

Yesterday, on Christmas day I was baptised into the church. It was the most amazing gift I have ever been given and it will be a day I remember forever. On the day Christ was born(or the day we celebrate it) I was born again.