Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Now I'm pissed!

Said dog has fleas. In all my time having pets I've NEVER had fleas!

I don't think the owner knows, since he hasn't had the dog in months. Besides treating them....which I'm doing tomorrow. What would you do? Tell the owner? or suck it up and deal?

I feel defeated. Here I am, doing this guy a HUGE favor and it backfires in a way. I e-mailed my husband and told him about it. Told him that while the guy gave me money, I'm going to need more now. I will have to treat my animals also not just his. It's not cheap and it's icky.

*sigh* why can't good deeds be easy?


~His~ said...

I dealt with this once...we treated the cat...bombed the house and cleaned anything the cat laid on and they were mostly gone. Hope it gets better. Yes I would tell the owner to help with the purchase of the bombing and to vent on lol

Amanda said...

I would definitely talk to the owner, and save the receipt for anything you have to get to cure the dog of the fleas, and have the owner pay you back. it's the least he could do.

Michelle D. said...

If you have carpets I would sprinkle salt on them before you go to bed and then vacuum in the morning. The salt is supposed to kill fleas. Hopefully that'll help.

Just Another MilSpouse said...

Hi there, I'm a new follower. I'm in New England as well although, we are native to this area and have only recently come "back home". Can't wait to read more; and I hope you get the flea situation taken care of without too much stress.