Friday, September 9, 2011

Show Us Your life - How do you scrapbook/keep kids art work?

I love reading Kelly's Korner and I've been reading since she was pregnant with her first baby! I love when she started SUYL and I jump in sometimes.....when I feel like it's something I can add to.

Today it's all about memories!

I have two big things that I do to keep things(art and pictures).

The first is framing! I love picking my favorite pieces of art that Little brings home and putting them on the wall. Not only is he super proud of them being up there, but because they are in the office above my workplace, I get to look at them when I'm trying to be creative! It's win/win!

The canvas is from preschool, the bus from his first day of kindergarten and the rainbow is from the end of kindergarten is by far my FAVORITE piece he's brought home(mainly due to the "blurple" is has written on the purple part!)

(I also have a box full of all the other art that I loved but didn't make it to the wall along with all of the random papers I just can't let go of yet)

I'm also a HUGE fan of photo books! I use Shutterfly and if you haven't been to their site, you need to! I make a book for each year. I feel like I can add words to the pictures so we can really remember everything. They are one of my most prized possessions and I hope I can keep up with making them each year!

If you have a neat way that you keep memories/pictures go to Kelly's blog and join in the fun!


Candis Berge said...

Hi, I had to come over an visit your blog since you were so nice to visit mine and leave a comment! We both enjoy those digital books; and more especially, preserving memories for our children. Mine are grown now, and when they come home they are still pulling out old albums to look through. Now they appreciate all those pictures I made them suffer through! Your art framed looks great, too. Have a great day!

{K} said...

Love the framed artwork! I haven't made a Shutterfly book yet but definitely want to start doing that for my kids too.

Just found your blog through Kelly's Korner.

Brianna said...

I LOVE Shutterfly's photo books. I make them for special events and for vacations. My oldest son just started preschool so I've been looking for ways to keep up with his school work. We just don't have the storage to keep everything but I had actually thought about taking pictures of it all and creating a photo book for each year.