Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent Calendar!

I love making Landon a advent calendar each year.(We also buy him a playmobil advent calendar each year.) It's been something fun we've done and I think I'm going to keep doing it until he's too old to care. Haha. Two years ago I made THIS ONE.  Last year I wanted to try a new one and I'm so glad I did! We loved it! I don't have the heart to do a new one just yet since I'm so in love with this one!

Here are the directions I made on here for it last year! 

You will need:
Different colors of green paper(I had 5 different colors/textures)
Tissue paper(You don't NEED this but it's what I used)
Glue(I used hot glue because it was faster)

Different color paper for numbers/ornaments
Tape to help hold things in
Round objects to help you make exact circles(I had 4 different sized objects)

Trace object and cut out circles.

Cut each circle in half.

Roll each half into cones by "connecting" each "flat" end. You have to roll it a bit tight to get it to stand straight without dipping in the middle. I hot glues the whole side down then put a dot in the inside to let the flap hold better.

I cut out little red circles for the numbers but you could just write it on the trees if you wanted. I also ended up using a yellow star for the 24th. I used one hot glue dot to keep the circles on.

I cut the tissue in little squares and wrote everything on my scrap paper to put inside.

I rolled the advent paper and stuck it in the top of the cone then packed the tissue in there to hold it.

I used a hole-punch to make ornaments for the 24th then used hot glue to put them on.

Landon's Advent Forest! He loves it!

Somethings we have in our advent calendar:
Drive around to see Holiday lights
Polar Express theme day!
Christmas movies
Little toys/gifts (checkers, nutcracker, cocoa, chocolate spoon)
Activities(go to movies, have movie night, go to lunch, make Christmas crafts, make decorations, make Santa cookies...ect)


Emily said...

GREAT idea! LOVE it.