Monday, September 24, 2012

Deployment number three.....

I'm sorry for the picture dump! But, this is the short version of our day. Haha.
J had duty the day before they left(which means he's not aloud to come home, he has to sleep on the boat). Little and I went down to have dinner with him(which was amazing as always) and spent a few hours talking and eating before saying goodnight.
The next day the boat did a picnic on the pier for all of the families. We got there at about 11 and ate with J, took a few pictures then had to say our final goodbyes....
My little family.

I take a picture of them like this every deployment
(you can see them over to the left on the side!)

Me & my love!

The boat all tugged up and ready to go. These birds were EVERYWHERE it was crazy and so beautiful!

Watching my man work(far right).

He always knows when I'm taking pictures of him...even when I'm trying to be sneaky. haha

Tugs starting to pull them out
(this was around the time my husband informed me VIA text that he forgot his passport at the house....oye)

The most amazing thing about where we live is that we are able to chase the boat down the river. Once they leave the base, a stream of cars take off and beat them to a number of lookout points. Under the bridge is one of our favorites since they can hear us yelling and cheering for them.

This is them coming up on spot #2 that we stop at.

Our final spot is right where the river opens to the ocean. It's so beautiful and they always know we are going to be standing there(many, MANY wives and kids) so they always honk.

Landon with the boat as it gets smaller and smaller as it heads to sea.

Last looks......
Little and I then came home and took a LONG nap together. It's been a long few weeks emotionally getting ready for this.



Jess said...

Awe! These are great pictures! I think its wonderful that you got to have a last dinner with him and that they did lunch for you all on the pier! That's a great thing to do for the family. I also think its pretty neat that you can watch them go out to sea and cheer them on as they go. Hope he has a smooth and safe deployment and that the time goes by fast for you and your little guy :)

-J.Darling said...

Great photos! As a boomer wife, I'm a bit jealous you get to go down to the peir. Welcome back to the blogosphere!