Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Adventures in house buying......

When Little got his acceptance letter(what a crazy phrase for a 7 year old!) into the amazing Science based Magnet school here, J and I talked about buying a house. We knew we wanted to stay put for Little to finish school there since you never really know how a school system is going to be in a new state, why chance it?! We'd been putting sooo much money into base housing for so many years and while we liked it, it wasn't worth what we were paying.
I started looking online and what type of homes were for sale out there....and fell in love with two.
Fast forward a month. I'm waiting at the pier for J's boat to pull in, when he gets topside I inform him that I had been going to look at houses, we now had a real estate agent and we would be looking at houses that weekend. He about flipped. Haha. After a little talking, he agreed to LOOK.
I had fallen head over heels in love with a blue house a town over. It was beautiful! It had an amazing pool.....but it had super close neighbors on each side, was a 20 min drive for J to get to work, had funky layouts in a few rooms and would need some work.....and it was above what we wanted to spend. We then went and looked at two other houses. One was an INSTANT no! The other was one I had seen and fallen in love with online, but it went under contract. It had come out of contract 3 days ago and was back on the market! So off we went to go see it!
We fell in love! It was a 100 year old home, out in the 'woods' without neighbors on top of us(but close enough to feel safe), original hard wood floors, 4 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms, BUILT-ins! and close to J's work that he could still come by for lunch if he got the time!
We went home and seriously talked about it, called our agent and asked if we could look at the last house one last time. We went the next morning and really looked around at everything. We were sold. We left the house and went straight to the office to put an offer in. They countered, we countered and they accepted! All within a 5 hours time frame!
A little over a month later(in July) we moved in! We couldn't be happier! I'm so in love with this house! Now we have plans to do an addition in about a year to add a library(Yep! A Library!!!) with our master suite above it! The addition will make this house our dream home! We got a pretty good deal on it to! With the market being so low, we should make it all back if we decide to sell later down the road.
Here are a few pictures. I will add more as I get it all done. I don't let J unpack at all(He never puts things where they need to go and has this nasty habit of trying to throw everything away).  The main floor is almost done, so I should get those up soon!
The front! It's set up above everything and its sooo nice!

Our steep driveway that everyone hates. Haha.

Our big side yard! We have about an acre of land!

Landon's 'Pirate Ship'. It's an old pool deck with playscape toys attached to it! He loves it! It has stairs and a gate on the other side. He spends a lot of time up there with the pets.

My lime green front door! It's soooo me! I love this porch. I've spent many nights out there with tea talking to friends, reading or listening to the rain.

One of the built ins that I fell in love with! This one is in the dinning room!

Upstairs hall way! It's amazing! I touch it every time I walk by it!


-J.Darling said...

It looks amazing! We found a similiar "dream home" in a similiar way! We knew we wanted to buy, rather than throw money away at renting for months. Once you're renting more than 2 bedrooms here, you're pretty much paying in rent what we pay in mortgage! So we used our VA loan and found this house we love. It's old (not 100 years old but not far off - built in 1948), and we can't await to expand the 2nd floor to include a master suite. We have a great view of an inlet and live in a little rural area only about 15 minutes away from anything we'd need/want (his work included). It's awesome. :) Glad you're loving the home-ownership life too!

KK said...

Thank you! It's crazy how sometimes you just find a house and everything falls into place! I've heard stories of people buying and they hated it! We got so lucky and everything went perfect!