Saturday, December 1, 2012

Deployment Weekly Recap: Week 10!

Emotional: GREAT! It's December!!!!

Physical: Good!

Communication: A email. I don't mind though. I know hes busy and so am I!

What's something fun you did this week: Steph and I went to the movies! It was so much fun. 

 What are you looking forward to next week: I have no idea! I'm just trying to get the house all ready for Christmas and our visitors!

What made you happy this week: A good friend told me shes pregnant! They've been trying for a little while and she had been so disappointed.  I feel so blessed that I was with her when she found out!
What made you sad/mad this week: Judgemental people and jealousy. I don't understand why people live their lives with such DARK feelings ruling them. Then they try to pull other people down with them!
What do you miss this week: Someone to laugh with.
How's Landon this week: He's had a rough week. I think the cold weather and not getting to play outside as much is getting to him.
Favorite song/show/movie of the moment: Glee!!! Buying all three season on DVD was one of the best things I've done. Haha.
Pictures from this week:

Landon found my OLD camera and on it were pictures I don't remember having! This one was when landon was only 1! Seems like forever ago!


Sami93 said...

The picture is adorable and believe me I understand how your son is feeling. I lived in New England for 11 years, it does get a bit frustrating to be a child and not be able to enjoy being outside, but it he will adjust I promise! :)