Food Quest

Welcome to the Food Quest!

I started this when we moved here to get out and find new places to eat. I was sick of always choosing a "chain-restaurant" because I didn't know any better. So my best friend and I set out to find great new food and I post about it so maybe when people move into the area(or come for a visit), they can know where the good food is!

I would love for people to join in and maybe we can have a few different states that have a food quest going!

Here are some of the rules:

*Restaurants must be original(no Applebees or Olive Garden)
*Be honest, but not mean.
*Link to my blog once you put your Food Quest "review" up.
*Add your name and post to the linky(make sure it's the food post not just your blog)
*Try to visit the other Food Questers blogs.
*You do not have to take pictures of the plcae or the food. Just writting about it is fine!

Feel free to add the button!