Thursday, June 19, 2008

100 things (requested by Samantha!)

1. I love shopping...but not for me. I love buying things for Justin and Landon.

2. I don't trust many people, they need to give me a reason to trust them first.

3. I think loving someone and being in love are nowhere near the same thing.

4. I am head-over-heels in love with my husband.

5. Justin and I met when we were 14/15 on a bus on the way to play in the band for state basketball.

6. Every Christmas Justin and I buy each other PJ's and an ornament to open on x-mas eve.

7. I love reading.

8. I hate trashy novels.

9. I love what my husband does for a living.

10. I'm an animal lover to the bone!

11. I'm a "the glass is half full" kinda gal!

12. No one makes me laugh/smile as much as Justin does.

13. I dance everywhere I go.

14. Landon is named after a famous soccer player.

15. I LOVE camping...well just anything outdoors really.

16. I love watching movies.

17. The best date is a picnic.

18. I live for my boys.

19. I LOVE DUFFY! Her music is heaven.

20. I never thought I would marry a military man, or that the man I married would go into the military.

21. My wedding was simple just like me! It was the most perfect day in the world!

22. I choose not to believe that my sister is gone and I talk myself out of it daily.

23. I'm terrible at grammar.....I don't think I will ever get better.

24. I think my husband is the smartest man in the world.

25. And the best looking!

26. I WILL go to visit Justin in port this year!

27. I'm co' President for our FRG/FSG and love it!

28. I'm a people person and have been told that I'm very approachable (funny because I'm not that nice)

29. I bite my tongue often...I have learn to not always say what I think.

30. I hate fake people and tend to call them out...something I'm working on.

31. I love to dream, without dreams your life will be boring.

32. I make friends easily.

33. I love pink and green!

34. I think we will live on the East coast for the rest of our lives.

35. I don't have many fears....but the ones I do have are seen as silly.

36. I'm deathly afraid of those rolly-polly bugs they make me cry.

37. I sing in the shower. Mostly kid songs. like Wonder Pets.

38. Midnight coffee runs are the best! anything at midnight is the best!

39. Justin and I have our best talks driving in the car.

40. Justin and I have drivin 3,500 miles together in one trip!

41. In 2 years we have lived in 5 houses. WA, SC, NY, NY2, CT

42. I will never again move ourselves. The navy can do it every time.

43. I have been told that my marriage is nauseating. I love that!

44. I think I have the best marriage in the world! don't hate!

45. I'm an overachiever when it comes to doing things for my husband.

46. Justin and I fight once a year its like clockwork, and even then it doesn't last long.

47. I live by the phrase "never go to bed mad".

48. I get carsick really easy and I can only avoid it if I'm sitting in the front seat (most of the

49. I'm friends with almost all of my ex's, I still talk to all of them.

50. My shortest relationship was a the 8Th grade.

51. I hate seeing people unhappy.

52. Bad moods rub off on me.

53. I can only apologise to my husband, anyone else its too hard.

54. I like to name my pets unique names (Finley, Moxee and Hundley)

55. I spoil my kid to death....I'm surprised he's not a brat.

56. I love to bake and cook!

57. I'm very crafty!

58. I read like crazy. nothing is better then a good book and a cup of hot tea!

59. I hate people that medicate themselves for nothing. I like to do it natural first!

60. I love swimming but hate swimsuits.

61. I'm allergic to everything! Like Milk, Spiders, Dish Soap, Grass and ball point pen ink.

62. I love the wives from the AFSG! I don't think I will ever meet anyone like them!

63. I LOVE the rain! It makes me smile inside and out!

64. I get quiet when I'm mad.

65. I'm addicted to buying cookbooks.

66. I believe that love is a fairy-tale. You choose the ending.

67. I think people get married to quick now adays.

68. I have the best parents in the world! I don't think they could have been any better!

69. I have a hand full of besties and no one can replace them.

70. My husband is my BEST friend.

71. I grew up on an Island where everyone knew everyone.

72. I wear Flip-Flops year around. Its almost like a trademark now.

73. My first kiss with Justin was in the pouring rain at a track meet after he just won a race.

74. I'm Scottish and proud!

75. Needles make me hit the floor....nothing like a passed out Kim.

76. I move the furniture in my house way too often.

77. I keep everything.

78. I don't deal with death well.

79. I believe god has a reason for everything.

80. I hate in your face religious people. they make me want to choke myself.

81. I bite my nails because I think they are ugly when they grow out.

82. I Love my wedding set but I never wear it. I think I'm afraid something will happen to it.

83. I don't go to the doctors unless I think I'm dying.

84. I would rather be cold then hot anytime.

85. I love the Little Mermaid. I feel like its Justin and I. lol.

86. My husband is the best gift giver in the world!

87. I'm obsessed with Vera Bradley purses.....its bad.

88. I like to watch Justin sleep and just think about how much I love him. (a little stalkerish I know)

89. I miss my husband More then anything when hes gone, but I have to be strong for Landon if I fall apart he will to.

90. I only let myself cry in the shower and then I'm done. Its good to have a set time to do it.

91. Justin was stuck at boot camp for 7 months waiting to have surgery so I know I can so a deployment.

92. Justin has things mailed to me when he knows he will be gone. I got flowers the day after he left for this underway.

93. Justin and I have nick-names for each other that everyone always asks about, but it would take too long to explain to them what they mean so I don't.

94. Justin says I'm a priss and I kind of am.

95. I only dress my child in cute clothes and only shop for him at certain places. If we can afford it why not?

96. Justin and I dance in the living room for no reason all the time sometimes not even to music.

97. The smell of my husbands t-shirts makes me want to faint...they smell so good!

98. I know that he %100 loves me everyday and I have never doubted it!

99. I am who I am like it or leave it!

100. I will be your best friend or your worst enemy. You pick.


Joe and Samantha said...

You go!

:) I'll have more blog challenges during deployment.