Thursday, June 26, 2008

Garden take 1!

So when my parents were in town visiting we decided to garden (oh the little things I miss doing with my daddy). I had this Idea to get an arch and bench and put it over rock. To my surprise everyone thought it was a great idea! Then my dad told me that I should get plants that would grow up and over, so we did. The plants were very little and I thought it would take all summer to see anything happen, once again to my surprise in a month they are huge..ish (well one of them is). Here is a picture of my front garden!

Here is the side that is growing like mad!

The flower that sprouted! Isn't it beautiful!

And this is Justin's flag and gnome. I also added Eagles wind chimes to the arch today. I know I need to weed. Don't judge.

So I will keep this updated with the progress of my new baby, mostly for my mommy and daddy to see.