Friday, September 5, 2008

I love him!

Little back ground then my story for today.

When Justin and I started dating it was a normal 14/15 year old relationship. Which means we didn't really go on "dates". For our first real date (after we had been together for about a year) Justin took me to Pike Place Market in Seattle. We walked around all of the shops, watched the fish throwing and did a lot of laughing. He bought me flowers from a street vendor and then we went to dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory. After all of that we got Carmel apples and rocky road fudge and walked around by the water. It was a perfect day. So now every time we go somewhere like pike place we get Carmel apples and fudge...its our "thing".

So today my 3rd gift came. Rocky road fudge! It was so sweet of him. He cracks me up. I doubt I will be able to finish it by myself but that's alright. Once again it was the card that got me, but this time not in a sad way more of a funny one. It said...

Hey Babe
I'm Re-enlisting today
so I figured you could
celebrate the money.....share with Buddy.

I love you.

Hahaha I wish I was there with him to watch him re-enlist. Even if its not a big deal I feel like I'm missing everything. I can't wait to see him again.


{ Becca } said...

Well isn't that the cutest thing!? That actually made me a little teary eyed. Sheesh! I'm a sucker for a little romance :)