Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Again I suck.

I have been so out of it. Just not here.

The boys are silent. I was sad at first, but then the thought of "I don't have to run to check my e-mail every morning" was nice. BUT!!!! I have gotten 2 e-mails in the past few days. They are so sweet, just him telling me to keep e-mailing him and that he can't wait to be home. Also he sent me the Dr. Ivan e-mails...hahaha Sam you know what I'm talking about! I told him while he was in port that I wanted to hear about all of the funny things that happen on the boat, and he listened (shocker!).

Landon and I have been doing well. We did a slip-n-slide with Mandy yesterday. We had 50ft of tarp, a baby pool, 2 bottles of soap and 2 hoses. Along with 4 adults and Landon it was a great day! I have never laughed so hard in my life! Here are the pictures that I took off of Mandy's blog!

Besides the normal being a mom stuff, I have been hanging out with friends constantly. It has been so great being surrounded by such great people. I got to talk to Justin a lot while they were in port and that is always nice. I also got a package in the mail from him today! It had quite a few things in there for Landon and a few small things for me, its the sweet notes he puts in that always get to me. Landon loves getting things from his dad, and Justin has kept the theme of soccer in all the ports so now Landon has a jersey from every country his dad has gone to. Landon also got his gift for September in the mail today it was a USC football jersey with a note that said "Lan- wear this every Saturday to show your team pride, I love you. -Daddy" I cried....Landon looked at me like I was a freak. Justin said my gift will come soon but he doesn't want me to know when. All I ever think about is how stinking much I miss him. This thing can't be over quick enough.

Yeah I almost died....
Mandy did to!
Landon LOVED IT!
Not so great idea....didn't end well. Massive grass burn.
The pool helped a little. Notice the black futon mattress? Yeah it saved a few lives that day. It was covering a big ol' utility pole. Bad things would have happened without it. Stay tuned for winter sledding down the same hill!


Sheena Marie said...

Love your facial expression!!

JLee said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time. Sorry I haven't called lately I have been way busy. Call me if you need anything.