Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Halfway box.

On my husbands boat (and all the subs I know about) they do halfway boxes for the guys to open on the halfway mark of Deployment. I can't tell you when halfway is, so I'm going to share the box now.

Not every ones husband would want the same stuff as mine, so change it up to fit your husband. I couldn't put movies since he has all the ones he wanted, games are for other months and he has a kindle for his books. lol. So mostly it was snack-ish.

Picture of all the stuff that went in the box.

Here is what I put inside.

  • Candy, and lots of it. My favorites are sour patch kids & sweetish fish (my hubby always steals them from me so I got him his own). Then I put in Carmel apple sugar babies (since we LOVE Carmel apples), I also put a ziplock bag of 3 different "types" of jolly ranchers.

  • Drink mixes. Lots of cool aid then hot mixes that he likes (my husband isn't a coffee drinker so I sent 3 different kinds of cocoa and Apple cider mix)

  • I got this neat cup from the dollar store here that you can put your own pictures in! It's really neat! I'd seen them before at other stores but for a much higher price tag. This was a buck! I printed the pictures out on normal paper(since photo paper can "melt" when it's hot. I made a collage then printed it and cut it to the size I needed.

  • New tooth brush & floss (you never know when you will need more)

  • His favorite seasoning for when the food starts to get bland.

  • Bacon bits  ^^for the same reason^^.

Here is a close up of the cup.

There you go!

I will be posting the other things I made him at some point.

Fell free to add what you put in your husbands halfway box!


Brienne said...

I love you Kimmie!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I'm sure he's going to love getting to open his box!

Ana said...

Hmm, seasonings, that's one I never thought of. Not that I have any halfway boxes to make anytime soon, but I'm going to squirrel that idea away. Once, I did one with a bit of a retro-candy theme and got a bunch of stuff like pop rocks and those candy sticks you dip into flavored sugar. He said he got a lot of comments about that one, lol.

I think the thing that was the biggest hit, though, was his last deployment. I bought a DVD recorder the day he left and recorded episodes of the TV shows he liked the most. I don't think those even came home with him because they were passed around the boat too much. (Although, those weren't for the halfway box, but went in the mail drops we had.)

Cece Fuentes said...

Hi Kim,

Just wanted to leave a note that I enjoy reading your blog :) My fiancee is in the US NAVY as well and he is on a 1 year term in Bahrain. I'm so happy that I have your blog to make me feel like there are others out there :)


Amanda said...

that's so sweet!