Monday, June 1, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday!

Hello! It's Monday again! So it's time for Friend Makin' Monday! Head on over to Kasey's blog to join in on the fun.
Today's task is to share as few or as many everyday, little tips that you use to make your lives easier. You know- all those special tricks you might have to cook, clean, raise kids, work in the yard, and on and on!
I'm going to divide these up in sections just to make it easier.
1. When the clothes all come out of the dryer I sit on the floor and sort it. Each person has their own basket and then an extra one for linens. Then I take them up and fold them IN THE room they belong. It makes it so I don't just "wait till later".
2. To make my husbands life easier (and to get more sleep time for me) his clothes to get ready for work are in the laundry room (it's a really big room I swear!). I have two baskets for his socks (black socks & white socks), I roll all of his white T-shirts and put them on the shelf then have a basket for all of his underwear. It saves him time in the mornings because it's all in once place and he doesn't have to run around our room turning all of the lights on at 4 am!
3. Did you know dryer sheets can be used for many things? You can put them with your clothes that you are storing for next season and they will keep them fresh. You can also use them to freshen candles that have been siting out, just take a used dryer sheet and rub it over the outside of the candle and TA-DA it smells pretty again!
House Work
1. I have a list of the chores I should do everyday to keep my house clean so I don't get overwhelmed. One day can be as easy as "Do dished and tidy living room". It has made my life a lot easier!
2. I don't let Landon move on to the next activity until the first one is cleaned up, otherwise I will throw it away.
3. I weed after it rains. The ground isn't as hard and while I get a little dirtier it's not as hard to get the weeds up.
4. My little vacuum is my best friend!
1. At the beginning of each month I write out my grocery list. I always come up with enough dinners for the whole month and make sure that if one used half of something I can use the other have later so I don't waste anything. All we ever need to pick up later is milk, bread and fresh produce. It has made it so I never spend more then $200 a month on groceries.
2. I have zip-lock bags of every size in my kitchen. When you only have a tiny bit left of something (like cereal) put it in a snack bag. It might not be enough for a bowl of cereal but will be great for a snack at the park!
3. We always have all of the fixings to make ice cream sundaes. They are great for special movie nights and it saves us from wanting to go out and get ice cream from out in town.
1. I always have a bag packed with everything I need for a day trip (Extra set of clothes for Landon, extra shirt for me, snacks, sun screen, toys, water bottles, camera and a few dollars cash) It has saved me so many times!
2. I keep a little travel toilet in the back of my car for just-in case stops. I also keep plastic bags and paper towels in there. I'm happy to say that we have never had to use the toilet! But it's nice knowing if we have to it's there.
I hope I had enough to help you in some way! Have a great week!


Tonya said...

Great info!

Tina said...

Happy FMM!

I love all your tips....weed pulling after the rain....great idea.

I also like the uses for the dryer sheets.

Thanks for sharing!

Victoria said...

wow what great ideas! I defintely like the one with your husbands laundry that is such a super idea!


J.J. said...

Hey there fellow miltary wife :) Love your have a "car potty" too while we are in the potty training age...and on certain outings it goes anyway...just in case we arent near a rest room :) Great list!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I loved all of these tidbits! I do some of them but there was quite a few I haven't done.

Renee said...

I do my meal planning week by week but when you say that you never spend more than $200 a month on groceries makes me thing that maybe I should be planning for a month at a time.

Rhonda said...


I loved your tips! I too weed after it much easier!
I need the rain to come! Ha!

Have a blessed day!

Kris said...

I use the fabric softener sheets for next season's clothes too...thanks for sharing!! Please come check mine out even if I am a day late lol!