Thursday, January 1, 2009


Now a list of the things that will happen this year!
1. Justin gets home from Deployment!
2. Justin and I will go on a vacation just the 2 of us.
3. We are going home for a few weeks
4. One of my besties will have a baby!!!!!
5. Landon will turn 4
6. I will lose even more weight the healthy way
7. We will have monthly board game night!
8. Once a month we will have a family movie night
9. We will go to church every Sunday
10. I will read 50 more books (and I hope to make a dent in the bible!)
11. I won't buy so many purses.....I hope.
12. We will make up for all the picnics Justin missed.
13. We will go on a few little family trips to fun places like Niagara Falls
14. I will get back into scrap booking
15. Landon will start a sport
16. We will go to an eagles game
17. We will NOT deal with another deployment! YAY!
18. I will write letters to my niece every week
19. My family will be here for Thanksgiving and we will go to the Macy's Day Parade!
20. I will fall in love with Justin all over again! 8 years!


Anonymous said...

have you ever heard of christian apologetics? i'm kind of a dork about it. i like going to the site and just read and read and read.

also, reading the bible is always a bit more entertaining (man that sounds bad) when you get a bible study guide. something that will take you book by book, makes you think a bit more outside of reading in context.

and of course i feel like i get different meaning out of it every time i read a passage (besides the overall meaning). like it speaks to me in the moment. =)
enjoy. =)

Bri0213 said...

Of course i'm ready!!!!! I can't wait to come back either... your going to have to kick me out of your house when the boys are at work LOL!!!