Monday, July 27, 2009


Since we wiped our computer I no longer have photoshop. I want someone to re-do my blog. Anyone have any good suggestions? I also don't want to have to pay $50 to get it done.


Cassie said...

My friend Emma did my layout. She just started her own business so she has really low prices and she is having a half off sale through the end of August. You should definitely check her out!

Brienne said...

can't you re download adobe? or some sort of photo shop program?

. Becca . said...

I will do it if you want. Let me know what you'd want :)

Email me, you have my real email addy, right?

How's CT?

kkrowan said...


I would love it if you could make me one!!!!! I just knew that you were mass busy with the move and I didn't want to bother you. I'm pretty sure I have your e-mail address, I will let you knoiw if I don't.

Ct is wet and muggy. So same ol same.