Monday, August 24, 2009

Maybe you can help....

This has been an ongoing argument between Justin and I.
I think Queen is perfectly fine music to be played at my funeral (morbid I know, but plans my friend!)
He does not.
If you don't understand why Bicycle is being played at my funeral, then you don't know me and you shouldn't be there.
He also doesn't think David Bowie is acceptable. Who is this man, and why did I marry him?!


Strong "er" then you! said...

Only you Kim only you LOL you know I love ya right?

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love Queen! As long as it's not Fat Bottom Girl I think it's acceptable!

Brittany Ann said...

So husband wants Bicycle played at his funeral too!

Anonymous said...

we talk about things like that too!!!

ours are mostly punk songs that we pick out, but still. we pick them out. lol
"if i leave this world alive" - flogging molly.

Tonya said...

I don't know these songs but the way I see it is it's YOUR funeral...right? Honestly, I haven't given much thought to that ya got me thnkin' "what do I want played?"