Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Teacher Gifts

I wanted to do something special for Landon's teachers & Bus drivers. Soooo I made jars & cups.

Goodies Cups
Cup & saucer set with matching stir spoon
snowflake sugar cubes
2 packs hot cocoa
2 packs hot apple cider
2 gingersnap tea bags
2 egg nog tea bags

I put them all together then wrapped them all up nice and cute! I put the stir spoons on the ribbon and tied them around the outside.

These I gave to his main teacher and the bus driver helper that he adores.

Snowmen Jars
Snowman Jar
1 pack of hot cocoa
1 pack of hot apple cider
1 gingersnap tea bag
1 egg nog tea bag
LOADS of candy!

These he gave to his bus driver and the other teacher in his classroom.

They were huge hits! I'm so glad they liked them and I was glad that I was able to make them/put something together for them. Store bought gifts are all good...but I like doing more of the work!