Thursday, December 10, 2009

We have been so busy around here. Since I'm trying to do something extra fun with the boys every day this month I haven't had the time to blog. We've been trying really hard to teach Landon the true meaning of Christmas. I don't know if he really understands it yet, but we are trying. The advent calendar is going great. It's so fun to do something special each night. I think this will be something we will do for years to come.
So please don't hate me for not blogging to much in the weeks to come. I do have a few craft things to put up and I will as soon as I get time! I hope everyone is having a great month!


Crazy Shenanigans said...

The holidays are a crazy time! I've been having a gard time keeping up with blogs and I'm veryyyyy far behind!

Vickie said...

I hope you and your family have a super Christmas!!!

KTLately said...

Hey, I just started reading your blog. I think it's really nice that you're trying to teach Landon about the true meaning of Christmas. My husband just lost his job so we don't have much for my daughter this year so we decided when she's old enough (she's only 3 months) we will start volunteering around the holidays and put together care packages. That way if something should ever happen again where we can't afford gifts, she will understand that there are other things to look forward to. (Obviously that would be ideal, not necessarily reality… but one can hope).
Hope you have a nice holiday!