Sunday, July 25, 2010

BBC "The Friday Night Knitting Club" Start

A friend is mailing me my copy of the book and I'm sad to say it's not here yet, I thought it would be so I was holding off on posting. So I don't have the chapters for us to read yet, and since most of you read on e-readers it would be hard for someone else to figure out how to make it exactly even. BUT if someone can tell me how many chapters it has we can go from there until I get my book later this week.

Since we are just starting a new book, I wanted to do something different.  Fill it out on your page and link back here!

A getting-to-know style!!

1. What is your favorite book? Or top 3?

2. If you could live in any book what would it be? why?

3. Whats a book you really want to read?

4. Is there a book that reminds you of yourself or your life?

5. Whats a book you want to read but have had a hard time getting into?

6. What book(or series) do you often recommend to others?

7. What book do you feel is often recommended and you have no idea why?

That's all I can think of. Add more questions to your page if you want people to answer them there.