Monday, July 5, 2010


We went camping out at our property this weekend. We don't have Internet and I thought I could use my phone to post on here, but my connection was only good enough to post on facebook here and there.

I have a deployment recap I will get up in just a bit (I will back post it) and I have to get the BBC caught up. I'm sooooo very sorry BBC ladies, I've been slacking big time. I will post for us to vote and we can start on the next book as soon as you would like. I will be better and I PROMISE that this is not the end of the BBC (Jennie- I'm not pulling a QOTBC. lol)

Not that I'm back to the house and settled, regular posting will continue.


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Jen said...

haha.. totally fine :) I didn't think that at all, I think everyone gets busy at holidays anyways, and I know your getting your family time in! no worries, we all understand!