Saturday, July 30, 2011

New House Part One: Empty!

Here are the pictures I took of the house the day we got the keys! I'm mostly adding them so I can look back and see all the progress we have made. This is the first time we have ever made one of our houses a real home(it only took us till the 5th one!). 

Living room from the entry way.
Dining room from entry way

 (still small, but bigger than the last one and NO pink counter tops!)

Entry way from dining room.

Little's bathroom.

Little's room(before paint!)

Master bathroom!
(I LOVE having my own bath tub! No, I LOVE having my own bathroom!!!)

Entry way from living room.

Dining room from living room.

It feels weird going back through these pictures after we've lived here for a few months! Every room is full now! CRAZY!

Part Two tomorrow!


Ana said...

Okay, I find it bizarre that your house reminds me so much of the one we lived in in Washington. We even had the same blue carpet and kitchen cabinets. Isn't this fairly new construction? Or no? The house we lived in was built in 1996, before privatization, which handled all the new construction on the base in the last few years.

KK said...

It's not the newest. I think it's a bit older, but most of the insides were redone. Most of the houses like mine have new white/light brown carpet that I'm glad we dont have since we have a child and pets....I know it would get dirty sooo quick!