Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Starting out slow......

I never knew that something like moving to a new house could make the world of difference....but it has.  I've never been happier! I LOVE not being attached to anyone. I love that we can listen to our TV as loud as we want in the livingroom and bedroom and not worry that we are waking someone up, I love that I don't feel guilty if my phone rings late at night and I have one of those conversations with my sister where I sounds like a dying hyena due to my laughing. Having a fenced in yard is a DREAM! Little and the dog are in heaven. The dogs just runs back and forth all day and I don't stay on top of little when he wants to hang out in the back yard. One floor is just as I had dreamed.....easy. The days of packing our groceries up a flight up stairs are now far behind us and boy am I happy about that!!!

We are still unpacking and I feel like it's a never ending supply of boxes, but we ARE getting there. My Mother-in-law is here now and is a great help with helping me get organized. My office now has visible carpet!!!!!!! Haha. I'm taking full advantage of her being here and making myself stay on track!

I have a ton of pictures of the new house that I will be posting soon. I also have a TON from Mexico that I want to put up.

I hope everyone is doing well! We sure are!


Eights on the Move said...

So happy to read that you're enjoying your new digs :) We're anxious to get into our new home with a big backyard for our pup, too!

Michelle D. said...

I can so understand that. Being attached to your neighbor's home can be terrible! Glad you're happier. I did a happy dance when we moved out of our place that was attached to where we are now. Congrats! And a fenced in back yard is so awesome!