Monday, January 9, 2012

One year older!

Yesterday was my birthday. It was as perfect as birthdays can get. The hubs had duty the night before so he came home early and jumped on the bed singing "Happy Birthday" as loud as he could until I was awake. Haha. As soon as I spoke, he pushed my gifts into my hands.(I think he was a little excited to give them to me!). He got me the most beautiful diamond earrings! I was shocked! I've been asking here and there for them but never expected him to get them for me! Especially this close after the holidays! I'm such a lucky girl!

After a few more minutes of sleep, we got up and got ready for church. The best thing I could have been give was fast and testimony meeting on my birthday. It's always my favorite week of the month and I always learn so much from the people who get up there and bare their hearts for all to hear.

After church we had breakfast for lunch(my favorite!).

It's crazy thinking that I'm one year more year being a mom and a wife, one more year that J and I have been together and one more year that I've been away from home. This past year was a good one. My husband was home more than he's even been home and it was so nice! This year is going to be a little more challenging. He's going to be gone quite a bit more than we are used to and I'm not looking forward to it. BUT I know we don't have much more time before we are on shore!

Along with my birthday, I have new years! I will post soon with what I hope to do this year along with what I did last year off my list!