Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back again!

So many things have been going on and I feel like I never have time to get on here and talk about it. I always promise I will be better and most of the time I am for a short bit, then it's back to nothing. 

Here is whats been going on in the R household:

I've been crafting and getting ready for Little's Birthday next month! So excited!
We've been going to church and trying to get back to where WE want to be with God.
We've been spending a lot of time with just our little family.
After much talk, we've decided to extend Sea Duty and volunteer for ANOTHER deployment. This will be a post in it's own.....but it's sad to think our choices were Guam, back home to Washington(both Shore Duty), back to SC for prototype or stay here for 2 more years......I understand why WE chose what we did, but it doesn't exactly make it easy to stomach.

Christmas was wonderful, the best I've ever had. Little got everything he ever wanted and J went way over what he needed for me. We did a few great things leading up to it, but for the most part we stayed in and spent time together and relaxed. I will update soon with posts on all of the bigs things..

For now, I leave you with THIS link to the FB page I started for the crafts I've been making!