Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snowed in....

And LOVING it!

We are snowed in! I kept little home from school on Friday due to our driveway being a skating rink. We had the best day at home together! We watched movies, ate popcorn and even did some super fun crafts together!(having the crafts room settled is AMAZING!). We ended the night with our signature dinner for the first snow of the year, Cocoa & Toast!

Today we got dumped on with tons of snow! It was coming down from the time we woke up until late in the afternoon. Just now, we went out and shoveled the whole driveway!(Little played, I shoveled). It's dark and it was quiet out there. It was perfect! While I was out there, my new neighbor Ami saw me shoveling and knew that the hubs wasn't home, so she came out and helped me! It was soooo nice of her! Her hubby wasn't home tonight either so in no way did she need to help me with my monster of a driveway on top of doing her little one! But she did. And let me say, it goes a lot faster with two!

Now we are back in the toasty house, getting ready for some movies and dinner. As much as trying to go anywhere in the snow sucks, it's great for bonding time!

Stay safe in the snow everyone!