Saturday, October 17, 2009

Early Shopper!

I bought Landon's big gift last week. It's always so hard to decide what we want to get him. When I was looking at somethings he happened to see this over my shoulder. HE FREAKED OUT! "That's just like where Daddy works! See they even have the beds and the Captain!" Then he asked if I would please write to Santa and ask if he would PLEASE bring that to him for Christmas. I'm so excited for him to get it!

These are the other gifts I have bought him so far.Playmobil Advent calendar. Each night he will get a new toy for the playmobil scene and on the last night it's Santa bringing food to all of the animals in the forest. Landon loves playmobil and I knew that I wanted to buy an advent calendar as well as make one this year (I will be putting up a tutorial in a few weeks on how to make your own)
Zoobie orangutan! I got this for our long trips/plane rides. It's a stuffed animal that turns into a pillow and a blanket. So now when we fly home we won't have to bring all three since this little guy is all three in one! You can get tons of different animals to!

UP! When this came out at the movies we went to see if right away. It was so cute! We laughed. We cried. Then we did a little cheering! One of the best kids movies out there right now and I know Landon will be so excited to get it.

Snow White. I got a great deal on this! They were doing a promo that you would get this movie for $10! It's a $40 movie!! I remember watching this when I was little and I hope Landon likes it to!


Cassie said...

That is so cool! I will have to get Jackson one when he's old enough!

Stephanie said...

Where did you find that? It's adorable!

kkrowan said...

The site I got it at doesn't have them in stock anymore. But I know ebay had a few on buy it now. Let me know if you can't find it and I will help you out.

*kimmie* said...

Is it sad that I would be excited to get that MYSELF? =) SO cool, with such fun meaning behind it!!

Alycia said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for letting your Blog readers know about the KidKraft Pretend Play Submarine Set. The manufacturer expects this item to be back in stock very soon. Your readers can order it on our site at We're selling it for $94.95 and free shipping. They can also get a coupon for an extra 5% off if they sign up for our newsletter.

Ana said...

I showed this toy to my four year old and he got all excited, "Wow, that's a firefighter house!" Um, yes, don't think we'll be getting this for Christmas. He didn't even figure it out until we pointed out it had a periscope, lol!