Sunday, October 11, 2009

Judgement. I has it.

I'm not a really nice person. Sure I can be nice but really under that smile I'm cringing. I accept this as do all of my friends (i love them all I swear! They just know not to ask me a question if they are afraid of the answer).

Right now my biggest gripe is little kids (or their parents) at Landon's school. Do the parents not think when they get their child dressed in the morning? I understand that not everyone dresses their child like I do (what can I say I'm picky!) but really? Last week while helping in Landon's class I saw a little boy wearing sponge bob jeans (THEY MAKE THOSE!?!?!) that were a size too small and a dirty old spider man shirt that was way too big. Maybe this boy dressed himself. Fine. But I would never let my kid go to school like that.

Then we have the green nose. The snotty green nose. I keep my kid home if he has a little cough. I would never let him go to school that sick. Now because that parent didn't care, other kids are going to have to stay home because yours got them sick. Take a day and keep them home. It's won't hurt you I swear!

I'm all for comfort. I don't wear amazing clothes. I can look nice when I want but for the most part I dress for comfort, running around with my son and doing crafts. I would never show up to pick my child up in some of the clothes I see. Why mothers want to dress like hoochy mommas is beyond me. Hi, I'm Kim and I don't like looking at your nipples. Thanks.

Back to cheesy craft posts tomorrow. I'm off to be judgy with my tea and book.


high heels said...

I'm a little overly honest, too...but the way I figure, God doesn't want us to lie :)

kkrowan said...

Hahaha I love it! I'm going to start out....Now God doesn't like lying, so hunny go change your shirt you look like a skank.

~His~ said...

you need to have a mean post day of the would be awesome:)

Anonymous said...



I finished The Pact. I really enjoyed it.

recommend another?

kkrowan said...

I liked Handles with care. I don't know if it would be a book you would like but I love all of her books. It's just a different subject that people feel strongly about. Vanishing Acts was also really good, slow in places but good.