Monday, October 5, 2009

Lunch Time

Every morning I pack Landon his snack for school. Today he wanted to help me. So I let him. He sat on the floor and put everything in there exactly how he wanted it. He's growing up so fast.

Gotta love my new Vera rug!


Heidi said...

Hi! Wow, I am really excited... I found your blog and read you're "about me." My husband is in bootcamp right now, and is going to be a nuke... on a submarine. I'm telling you, I have not met anyone yet whose husband was doing the same thing! I am definitely a new follower! Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

that rug is SOO cute!

Bri0213 said...

I love the rug!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Hi, stopping by from Brittany's blog. My husband was a Navy Nuke too for 6 years. ELT on the Albany. I look forward to reading your blog more :-)