Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry this is a little late. We have been sooo busy. I have a few more pictures from this weekend that I will be putting up sometime this week also.
Every year the Macy's Day Parade would be on during Thanksgiving at my house. Growing up in Washington state I never thought I would get the chance to go to it! Well I did! We got up at 2 am to head to the base. There we got on big buses that took us into the city. We did a lot of walking to find at seat. The parade was a ton of fun. I can say that we will never go again, but it was something I will remember forever.

Landon slept while we waited for it to start. We got to the city at 6:30 and the parade didn't start until 9:00.

I loved this one. She's so cute!
This face is what made it all worth it. The cold, waiting and walking pain all went away when Justin and I saw this face.
Hummee Hotdog! Landon thought this was so funny.
Sailor Mickey
Landon said his favorite part was seeing Santa at the end.
Us. Not the nest picture. It was cold and we wanted to go.
To use the bathrooms you had to buy something. Only my kid would want tuna in NYC.
We ended the day by walking around the city and going to lunch at Planet Hollywood. We had a really great time.