Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today was a long day of running around.

Before Justin left on deployment he got me a new car (see here) due to my panic attack while trying to drive his car (due to it being a stick shift *insert dirty joke here*). While he was gone his car sat in our garage. Our neighbor would drive it around every once in a while for me but that was it.

With Landon being in school I didn't like Justin always taking my car. So this morning our quest to get his up and running started. He had to get it registered in CT since it was previously in NY, we are about 1/2 done with this step since he still needs to find the time to get the emissions test done. Then while trying to get all of this done we found out that his battery was DEAD...not just hey "I don't really want to start right now", more of a "hey if you turn me off I won't start again".

So off to Sears we went. Now we have a new battery and Justin's car is running again! It felt so weird getting into his car. I felt so low!!! I'm also going to hate his leather seats this winter. Lol.


Nancy Yockey Bonar said...


"Found you" through another submariner wife's blog.

My blog is in process. So busy writing U.S. submarine cookbook for the general public that I don't have much spare time. Getting book assist from SUBFOR master chief culinary specialist.

Thanks to you and your hubby for your service to our country.

Nancy Yockey Bonar