Monday, November 9, 2009

November School Projects

Landon had two projects to do this month. The first was a feather to go on the class turkey. The second was a pennant of his family and him. We couldn't really do much with the feather but it was fun.

If you know me in real life(lol) then you know I have a TON of craft supplies in my laundry/craft room. Whenever Landon has a project to do I let him pick out what he wants to use and we go from there.

For the feather we used a different kind of tissue paper and colored feathers. I think it turned out cute.

For the Pennant I let Landon pick the pictures he wanted off the computer and I glues them down to the paper. It was cute hearing why he wanted to use certain pictures. It was supposed to be about him and his family and what they/he likes to do.
If you click on the pictures they should get bigger so you can see whats on them.


Anonymous said...

yours guys' school projects look like such fun! i cant wait til lexi is old enough to do crafts without trying to eat the glue or rip the paper :) cute pennant! love all the pictures.

Anonymous said...

the teacher must LOVE you. lol

annnnd it's a craft room that has a washer and dryer stuffed in it. lol

kkrowan said...

Hahaha thanks Michael. It's not much of a laundry room is it??

After seeing what some of the other kids make I wonder if the teacher just thinks I do it all for him? lol. We make so much stuff in my house Landon just knows what to do. Other ones I see you can tell the parents did nothing. The teacher sends the projects home and say it's a family thing. I wonder if I do too much?