Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thusrday Review. Where the Wild things are!

I love this book. I think this is the most read book in our house. Landon runs around the house quite often and yells "Let the wild rumpus start!" and every time he sees something from the movie he begs for it (we are now the proud owners of a few wild thing stuffed animals and a massive wild thing balloon...Max to be exact). When we heard it was coming out as a movie we were all excited. So this past weekend we made a date of it and the three of us went to see it.

From the book
From the Movie.
Wow. Were we disappointed. We didn't like the movie at all. It was the most un-kid kid movie I have ever been to. Besides the point that it had monsters and no swearing I would think it wasn't a kids movie at all. The plot was off and made no sense. I was thinking it was going to be amazing...but it wasn't. It might just be us, but I won't ever watch it again.
Max was a brat and the monsters weren't very nice. Ehh.


Anonymous said...

i've heard that it wasn't really kid friendly, and that it was pretty depressing. =(

Anonymous said...

i Didn't like it either it was depressing and not like the book at all. And when max stood on the table and yelled at his mom i was apalled. They ruined the movie. I was so excited to see it and talked to landon afterwards but what a let down.

Grandma Tina

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I was completely disappointed as well! I haven't ran into one person who's seen the movie who wasn't bummed out either!